Thursday, May 11, 2006

There is no truth, only perception...

Been listening to all the hoo ha about "Lelaki Komunis Terakhir", and my comment is...

I don't have enough information to form an informed opinion.

Why? Because all information has been sterilized and only nice things can be shown. Only mainstream views can be published. There is a dearth of real information.

I felt banning a movie without even watching it is stupid. And he proudly proclaims the fact in the newspaper. Duh!

A lot of people were supporting Amir Muhammad. Did they actually know what they were talking about?


The common wisdom is, "There is no truth, only perception." But making all decisions based on perception is very short-sighted, is it not?

- Communist? Cannot make movie about them, they're bad. Endof.
- NGO? Eh, cannot work with them, they're anti-government...
- A man shown cooking in the kitchen? Isy 3x...

Some people are afraid of their own shadow. They are afraid to look deeper underneath the surface. Takut drown ke? Tak reti berenang?

- Some people say Chin Peng was just trying to save his nation because the Mat Saleh dah cabut lari to Singapore, leaving Malaya undefended.
- Many people had family members killed by the communists or suffered because of them. Therefore communists are bad.
- People are arguing why CP is not allowed to return, but the others like Shamsiah Fakeh were. Is it a racial bias?
- Were the communists like Darth Vader - good guys who turned to the dark side...?

Can't we acknowledge that nothing is 100% good and nothing is 100% bad?

Can't we look at things objectively and form an informed decision instead of jumping to conclusions?

Could this joker please make an INFORMED DECISION which can be JUSTIFIED to the public instead of simply banning it because of a perceived notion??


fathi aris omar said...

For more comprehensive compilation of news reports & comments on this "Lelaki Komunis Terakhir", see my blog :)

Acat said...

perception ni is a funny thing in parts la. if u can get everyone to see things the way u do.. perception can become the truth. hehe

Paus Biru said...

Thanks, Aris. You have quite a compilation there.

That's true, Acat. "Truth" is most often the most applicable/ acceptable stand based on various factors :)