Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Missing in Action

When I came back from Bkt Nanas on Sunday I was pretty much whipped. I conked out immediately. I'm still not feeling so great. Slept this whole afternoon too, despite wanting to use my off day to deal with the mess.

My room is a disaster and there are items missing. Like my Transitions specs. And a paper bag of french fries, which would soon start to stink unless the urban legend about McD fries being made of indestructible plastic is true. My clean clothes and not so clean clothes are in danger of being mixed together. Definitely need to find a bigger apartment soon. Am busy house shopping and there's so many things floating around, like that lecturing job and the unfinished WWF project plus the PS the Children database. Shoot. Really need to get my act together fast...

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Defining 'Progress'

Weighed myself after gym today. I was about 2.4 kg lighter than my starting point. Not huge progress if you consider that the gym has become something of a second home to me. But then, I might be a tad dehydrated, I probably lost some fat and built some muscle, which is supposed to be heavier. Therefore I might be in better shape now. The truth is, I just don't know!

I was supposed to weigh in on that special scale that tells your percentage of body fat and stuff, but last Sunday it was taken out on a mission, and now it's broken! Sigh. Managed to get some juicy tidbits about Biggest Loser season 2 from one of the guys, though. Even saw some pix. Heh heh. Kalau dulu for sure the info would be sent to me by Hallmark themselves. But really, do NOT miss the constant headache of scraping up ideas and getting every freaking thing organised. It was fun, but am sure glad it's over!

As for me, I'm still struggling on... Almost bailed 10 minutes into RPM last night. I had this pain in my head, and hypochondriac that I am, I got worried that it might be an aneurysm which would blow if I continued cycling... Instead, I took it easy and did my best to breathe. The pain subsided, but am still a bit apprehensive. You never know right? I am STILL the queen of the Persatuan Kaki Bangku seMalaysia, despite my new fascination with exercise. Even planning to join the Shape run. Purely doing it for the goody bags, of course. Going to run just fast enough to avoid coming in last. Not so hopeful, but might as well strike while the chicken-shit is hot...

About the weight loss, still can't decide how much I need to lose. If according to insane gym projections, I have about 20 kgs left to drop. By my original plan, only 9.5 kg. By adjusted target, 12.5 kg; and by 'not sure where number came from' target, another sizeable 17.5. So which is it, girl?

Maybe I should just go by fat percentage. Drop 3% now and lower it down to at least 30% by September. Sounds more achievable, right? Dropping 2 kg was hard enough. 20 kg? God help those who need to lose 200!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

"Gentle Reminders"

God is most forgiving of our sins, but every once in a while, we do get reminders that we're getting out of line... Remember I was planning to go back to the gym on Thursday night? Well, in my haste to get there, I decided to pray Asar 'later'.

When I got to my car, the alarm was bleeping weakly, indicating that it had been activated some time ago. It wouldn't disarm, and only stopped when I OPENED one of the doors. Great. Needless to say, it wouldn't start either. I had to do something I hated - get my brother to bail me out. He had to detour on his way back from work and find my new office in an unfamiliar new territory. While waiting, I realised there was a car shop just at the other end of the block, so I asked one of the guys to come take a look.

The diagnosis: my battery was already dying, which was why it triggered the alarm. Apparently, car batteries do that - presumably to call attention upon itself. Had no choice but to replace the battery.

So reminder to self - whatever you do, prayer gets priority. Kapish?