Friday, April 18, 2014

Reality bites

We are often tempted to push our boundaries just that little bit more, and I'm no exception. Have been a diabetic for a few years now, and have always thought I could handle a 'little bit' of sugar as long as I take my meds regularly.

The truth is, I'm just pushing my body beyond its limits and at some point, things are going to go south. Have been coughing like a dodo for the past year, it seems, plus various minor ailments and health problems. Last week, I finally decided to ban added sugars from my diet. I have not done it religiously, I still take my kopi O ais kurang manis in the mornings, but I have stopped adding sugar to my drinks. With the exception of the Luyang Dilaw which already has sugar in it. I know I should just make air kunyit from scratch, but the instant mix helps when I am away from my kitchen.

The result - slight improvement in my ear infection and coughing. I still feel bleargh in the evenings, though and I definitely should go to the doctor tonight. Mobility was a little hampered this week because Mr Mac was sent for repainting. Have got him back today, so I think I will go to the clinic lah.

Found something about alkalising your body and stuff, so am starting to take cups of lime water daily. Hopefully it will help me control blood sugar and get back on track. Desperately need exercise too, lack of it is affecting my life. I actually LOOK ugly and bedraggled :( Ugh.

Truth is, maybe the drugs help a little with sugar control, but I still have to cut out the sugars and carbs to help my body cope with the workload. Extra sugar = extra work, and I guess at this point, my body is at its limit already. So will continue reducing the load, and hope it works. :)