Monday, February 16, 2015


OK, that's a bastardisation of the word 'exercise'. And in any case, something I should really do more of. Have been considering to buy a city bike, which, is basically the old type of bike we used to have in Melaka. I would LOVE to have something like Yaie's old Raleigh, but ours got stolen years ago, and it would cost thousands to buy a real classic these days.

I took a peek in the shop next to Village Park and a Schwinn costs about RM650. A shop in Sg Buluh is cheaper, with China made city bikes going for about RM250. Have put up an ISO on KL-Wanna Buy, let's see if anyone responds. Am thinking of using it to go to pasar malam and playing around the neighbourhood. Heck, it can even take me to Segi Fresh. Why not?? It's not THAT far... But I'm not 18 anymore, so a rerun of my old 'bike to Ayer Hitam Forest' escapades cannot happen lah. Even going to the shops at the back may be a challenge because I THINK it's an uphill road. The back road leading to Mah Sing should be ok. As long as it's not my main transport, it should be ok lah. Or it could become a tukun tiruan... errr...

Just asked about the old bike I left in DU. Kalau diorang tak pakai, I might as well fix it up and use. Tukar tayar, taruh bakul, boleh la buat pegi kedai kan?

Tiba2 teringat the days when I just started working, I used to ride around the neighbourhood. Hmm... Whose bike did I use ya? Because mine got stolen in Sri Serdang when I was in 2nd year... Was it K Ayu's? For the life of me, I seriously cannot remember! I bought the other bike when I was in CETDEM. Konon nak ride to office la, mentang2 time tu tgh suka cyclist. Ntah hapa hapa la aku ni.

But now, the key objective is getting some much needed exercise. I love climbing, tapi takde geng. Nak Yoga, right now tengah sengkek, kena tunggu bulan depan baru boleh start balik. Nak running/ jogging/ walking - selalu balik malam. Dulu i selalu jogging malam2 kat DU, because the roads tak banyak kereta, well-lighted and safe. My current area - banyak keta, gelap and not so safe. Nak walk keliling padang pun gelap. Haritu testing, almost fell on my face pasal tersadung pavement yang tak rata. Kat parking lot pun kadang2 ada taik anjing. Nak swim, dah naik segan dah tua2 bangka ni pakai swimsuit pendek. Leggings panjang dah buang kot. Kalau nak kena beli baru la. Dah la tak ada pool berdekatan.

Right now, I only panjat tangga, kadang2 bawak barang which means extra effort. And kemas rumah, sometimes bertukang. Itu je la... Once in a blue moon I manage to bully myself into going climbing or macam semalam, join walkathon. I COULD join more walkathons... Hrmm... see lah.

Cemana nak fit balik, banyak nor alasan :P OK la, will take it one step at a time. Think up possibilities and investigate the practicality. I think naik basikal pergi kedai could be a viable option.