Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Katana (A Haiku)

A samurai sword
Glinting sharp edges of steel
Swoosh! Off with her head.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Cast Away

It's amazing how much I miss my people... I dream of them all the time! Discussions, chatting, talking, sharing... I miss bantering with Mz Hoity Toity, I miss looking at my other half, I even miss rushing to work and stressing over deadlines!!

I do have other work to do, plus a shitload of household chores to take care of... Slept super late last night just dusting and reorganising my *stuff*. Well, at least the room is clean now. Gave TV cabinet a cursory swipe with the 'wand' this morning, still have to reorganise the other cabinet as well as nail down my assignments. Got CVs to prepare and am too sick/lazy to deal with them... Sigh. At least my voice is coming back already. Padan muka aku, gatal hisap rokok lagi...