Thursday, June 25, 2009

Work, work, work..

Have been working like crazy since last week and still tak sudah-sudah. Some things which are supposed to be easy becomes complicated thanks to responses yang merepek meraban masuk bakul angkat sendiri. Now I'll have to contact them and nicely ask what they really mean - yeah, extra work for me.

Semalam went for a spa review and came back reeking of peppermint oil. Is that why people avoided me at the play that night? Sheesh. Silap haribulan la. Couldn't bathe immediately after and tak sempat nak mandi before going to the theater. Before that memang dah gila babi exhausted, almost feel asleep at the wheel on the way to Subang. Show was OK, but socially very disappointing. It was attended by snobs who don't even acknowledge your presence. They only wanted to say hi to the rich and famous. Hrmph. The really rich & famous takde buat perangai macam tu.

I conked out the moment I got home and lay on the bed. Woke up late in the morning! Ergh. Therefore started work late, meaning I'll need to stay back and make sure everything is settled before boss comes in tomorrow. Hopefully can get everything else settled tomorrow so I can actually rest during the weekend. Adehh... Tired.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Regresa a Mi

No me abandones así
hablando sólo de ti.
Ven y devuelveme al fin
la sonrisa que se fue.
Una vez más tocar tu piel
el hondo suspirar.
Recuperemos lo que se ha perdido.

Regresa a mí,
quéreme otra vez,
borra el dolor
que al irte me dio
cuando te separaste de mí.
Dime que sí
Yo no quiero llorar,
regresa a mí.

Extraño el amor que se fue,
extraño la dicha también.
Quiero que vengas a mí
y me vuelvas a querer.
No puedo más si tú no estás,
tienes que llegar.
Mi vida se apaga sin ti a mi lado.


No me abandonas así,
hablando sólo de ti.
Devuelveme la pasión de tus brazos.

He he.. Me Il Divo fan. Walaupun sepatah haram aku tak paham amenda dia kata :D

Friday, June 12, 2009

My experience with...

... Transition lenses. OK. Like buying a cuckoo clock, after a while, the excitement dies down. I was so excited when I picked up the new specs on Wednesday night. It felt a bit strange, though. The plastic refracts a little differently than glass, I suppose. I'm glad my optician advised me to get thick plastic frames, because the lens really are rather thick. But I think they gave me the high index ones, so it's not too bad. Thanks, Transitions. You guys ROCK!
Yesterday morning noticed that the lens DID grow darker as I was walking up from the parking lot. Most of my time is spent in front of the computer, so no photoactivity there. Had a photo shoot in the dead middle of the day, and this time the lens did grow quite dark as the sun came out (it was cloudy earlier on). Then I realised that most of my time is spent indoors, mengadap the royal highness (my computer). But it's lovely to have specs that will automatically protect your eyes as you drive long distances on the highway in blazing hot weather. Or simply try to get to your event in KL in the middle of the day. :-D I like...

Then there is the deep red Chanel nail polish that had always taunted me from the bag where it resides behind my desk. So one fine day (night, actually), I decided to give it a go. Little did I realise how tricky it was to smoothly layer the paint onto that little square of nail. It doesn't look nice unless you smooth it on evenly, and some nails are just tougher than others. Mine is the ring finger (jari manis). It kept a) being uneven, b) getting smudged off, c) accidentally wiped off while I do the other hand. Aiyooo! It took a while to do my toes too.
The end result: I like the ones that are smooth and shiny, but overall, I'm so not used to having blood red fingertips! The toes look pretty cute though. I might do it again sometime with a less dramatic colour, but it has to be during a girlie session so that we can do each other's nails instead of playing contortionist just to reach the toes. :p

Thursday, June 11, 2009


We were all born with instincts. It's just that as we grew up, we were taught to ignore them and go with what we had learnt. Now I've learnt that ignoring your instincts is a bad idea. Because many times, I had found that that little twinge of uncertainty was basically your instinct telling you that you're making a mistake. My best stories are the ones where I basically followed my gut feeling. But after years of ignoring our instincts, how do we actually learn to trust them again??

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


Malaysians are well known for our obsession with food. We can eat all day, and be picky about what we actually want. When you're sick, as long as you can still eat, you'll be fine.

Therefore I am getting a little perturbed about my lack of appetite these days. Not that I shouldn't be losing weight anyway, but it feels kind of strange not to know what to eat. I've lost interest in my meal halfway through. I have brought back leftover chicken a few times already, and each time I end up gaving it away to the cats... Maybe the flu screwed my tastebuds. Some things are bland while others taste overpoweringly salty. Some herbs and spices directly put me off... I'm not in the mood for dry western fast food, nor am I interested in mixed rice or soupy noodles... I'm not even in the mood for chicken rice! Hrmm...

I do still eat, of course, but not with the same zeal as I used to enjoy food. Maybe it's the upcoming blood works I need to do, or the reminder that certain organs are not working as well as they used to anymore. Or perhaps I'm just jaded with eating the same outside food over and over again. Some home cooking might be in order. Shall I stop by somewhere for supplies tonight? But what should I buy, ya? Sigh... how la...

Monday, June 08, 2009


Snippet from a H1N1 article in the press:

Checks revealed that the man had returned on a flight from Hong Kong on Sunday and was down with fever and flew.

Wow! Some fever! :D

Wednesday, June 03, 2009


Haven't had the sniffles for a long time, but nothing lasts forever.... Been breaking all the rules of tropical good sense - jangan mandi malam (don't bathe at night); even if you do, don't wet your hair; keep the fan away from your head. And what did I do? It was so terribly hot and humid that I showered just before bed, thoroughly wet my head of hair, switched on the aircon AND the fan to circulate the cool air. Plus I was working overtime on a projek XYZ again. So - not enough sleep, cold head - this morning my sinuses are probably drowning - hence the sniffles and blur brain. Been so blur I even burnt myself drinking piping hot coffee trying to warm up. What the??? Sabar ajelah. Hope this clears up by lunchtime. Have a gazillion things to kaotim today :p