Friday, February 15, 2013

Spring Cleaning Fever

Whoo boy! Just spent a large part of my afternoon going through my Inbox and putting emails into their respective folders. Good thing, coz I found forgotten emails which might have gone undetected at the bottom of the long list. It was only 120 emails or so because I NORMALLY file away emails on a regular basis.

Then somehow got sucked into migrating all my odd notes from OneNote to Evernote. I know some people prefer OneNote to the other, but I suppose it all boils down to how you need the software to work. I tried using ON a few years back and somehow it never became a part of my life - too slow to load and notes are just all over the place!! I ended up with 5 notebooks with a gazillion subfolders holding just one or two sentences. Not very efficient, I think. It's not easy to tag and sync, and I didn't get around to syncing them on my multiple computers. Yes, the subfolders and stuff are a great idea, but it just didn't work for me. I guess it could work better if I had organised it differently, but for my filing needs, it didn't fit the bill.

I realised that I just needed to quickly clip the info I want to keep- and I LOVE the Evernote clipper for this purpose. No need to manually cut and paste. The clipper quickly cuts and I can tag them on the spot before moving on to the next item. It's easy to delete junk information and keep the system clean - something very important to me. And I can easily go through my notebooks and find the info that I need - Their tags work perfectly for this. Plus, I can see a picture of my note beside the title, so I can quickly scan for what I want. It works equally well for business (project notes, references) and pleasure (recipes, etc).

Those who like ON actually MAKE notes and run their projects using the software. I, on the other hand, just need to have the info at hand. I do my project planning on scraps of recycled paper and keep everything together in clear folders.

Unfortunately, I still have a mountain of reorganising to do.... My Documents folder need a cleaning up and after that I'd have to back them up both on the project hard drive and server. On top of THAT, the hard drive and server needs a cleanup too!!! ARRRGGGHHH..

PLUS, there are two piles of hardcopy that I moved from the Projects room to my current space in the OPP zone. Urgh... I might need to come in tomorrow to sort out the mess before the new week comes in, there'll be a ton of work to do with the event on Saturday and other projects to plan and execute. In addition to dealing with 3 websites and a few FB pages... Sigh. Will need to teach project teams to layan their own FB so that I don't go crazy.... Wish me luck, peeps! :D