Tuesday, October 30, 2007


I think the last time I played the Scrabble equivalent, Saidina, was 20 years ago in Melaka. Or maybe in high school sometime. In short, a long time ago.

Being a word junkie, or as my Bookworm title is, Wordmaniac, or something like that, I couldn't resist checking out Scrabulous one day. As you all may have cottoned on, I'm hooked on Facebook these days. Friendster apa kelas... ngehehe.. Sampai blog pun tak update dah. Saba ajelah.

In any case, found it quite fun. Took the trouble to learn the meaning of the coloured boxes and read up a few tips. I became quite proficient. Up to the point of people asking if I was using any anagram solvers or word finders. Huh? Got ah? Where do I get those?

After a while, I managed to redeem myself from the addiction and started to lose my mood for playing. I'm playing again now, but at short intervals.

At some point Scrab got stuck and I checked out the Scrab website itself (It's different from the FB app). There I found timed games, which are VERY taxing. I thought "5 minutes beginning time" means 5 minutes per move. Quickly learnt that it was for the whole game. Yikes! No wonder default is 10 minutes. Quite a change from FB players who often take ages to make one move...

But somehow, despite losers who cheat and resign games for no sound reason, I found a number of good players who are cheerful and friendly. 2 of them are on my friend list, and a few gamely 'layan' my requests for rematch. Sometimes I simply look for trouble and challenge the pros to learn a few 'lessons'. Anyway, my excuse is that it's good for my writing. Ha ha.

Still have things to deals with on my FB profile which is a mess, but I guess that can wait. Cheers, guys! Have a good week ahead :)

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

But Seriously...

I haven't been playing Scrabulous for long, but my game has improved a little. Kena belasah tu biasa lagi. But most of the terror players all very the sporting one. Baru hari ni I kena sorang minah tu tak sporting langsung. Ye la, ada la aku buat lawak bodoh on the message board, tapi takde la aku membodohkan dia ke hapa.. Langsung tak nak main dah. Pass turn jer. Saba ajelah aku. Tak tau la kot dia anti muslim ke hapa.. Orang lain takde menda pun. Ke pasal dia ni "terror" tetiba kena blasah dengan Asian tak tau la. Her record memang gempak, jarang sekali kalah.

Whatever la... Win some, lose some...

Monday, October 22, 2007


After months of wrestling with the laptop, watching it die, and subsequently being frustrated by sister's 'siput' computer, I finally solved the problem without too much cost. Asyik jam ajer, keja tak siap, nak download tak boleh. Frust aku!

Nekad ajer bukak casing tu, tengok kot2 boleh masukkan my HDD ganti the other one. Tengok2, tak muat plak. But at least ada la idea layout benda2 kat dalam tu.

I was contemplating to buy an external HDD and installing my ori Windows XP on it. Thot the 'ehem.. lanun copy on the comp was causing the constant jamming. Checked with IT advisor first and he pointed out that it won't do much good if the problem was the RAM. After much fiddling, found the size of RAM was 128 Mb. Dude pointed out 128 was too small for current softwares and suggested I upgrade it to 512 Mb. Benda alah memory stick tu pun I tak kenal rupa dia... Sabar ajelah.

Googled for info, gambar, installation instructions, etc. Pastu bukak casing lagi sekali, cabut benda alah tu bawak sekali pi kedai komputer. Nasib baik bawak. The 1st shop tanya - DDR1 ke DDR2? Alien language alert!! Paling senang, tunjuk benda alah tu kat dia. "Sorry, tak jual. Ini PC133 dah obsolete la..." Darn. Sumer kedai kat OU tu tak jual. Terpaksa jugakla pegi Digital Mall.

Nasib baik ada informant dah bagi tau kewujudan Digital Mall tu. Thanks, bro :-) Aku ni paling malas nak pegi Low Yat. Best gak round kat sana. Sempat la usya laptop baru semua boleh tahan murah. Cari punya cari, finally dapat la jugak beli RAM tambahan tu. Last kopek punya 256 Mb, RM105 je. Kira ok la tu.

So lepas Isya' kasi install dua2 sekali, dapat la 384 Mb RAM. Baru la boleh multitasking. Kalau tak, nak bukak Firefox + Words, sangkut. On Limewire, jam. Nak pasang lagu/Quran + Words, takleh. Pasang AV pun sangkut. AAARGGGHHH!!! Tension!! Camna nak buat keja. Asyik reboot ajer...

So now dah takde alasan kenapa aku takleh siapkan keja... Ahh.. Lega, rasanya...

Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Raya is over. Food has been cooked and eaten. Utensils, kitchen and house is cleaned up. Laundry done. It's time to get back to work. But my computer is now utterly broken. Sister's PC is thankfully usable and I did back-up my work. But have forgotten password to AV, so am not able to adjust anything, or update the &^%$ thing. Some things like Java can't be installed. But as a whole, I can get by. I'm dying to get my lappie fixed and running again. I miss being mobile. Sigh. My life sucks.

Monday, October 08, 2007

Sore Loser?

I doubt it. Have been playing Scrabulous for fun, and yes, I do enjoy winning. Sometimes I score a lot, sometimes not. A few have royally trounced me, but still I ask for more. Have met nice people from all over the globe.

But it irritates me when you play someone who blocks every freaking lane up, and uses weird words like IGLU, MOSK and DIF to get huge scores. Like, what the *^%&^$? Use real words for heaven's sake... Darn. Now no fun oredy... Dowan to play her anymore. Menyampah!


Darn.. I miss traveling... Wanna go Europe again. Or Canada..

Oh hush. Make money and go.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Ikan Paus Goreng Tepung...

On Sunday morning, I was pretty sure I'd skip the Tekad berbuka session since I seriously could not imagine myself cooking up ANYTHING to bring to the party. Fickle one I am, it all changed the minute Aizan messaged, saying her mom was requesting me for kitchen duty. I decided to just grab a few things from Giant on my way there. Junk food was all I was up to that day...

Got there just as Lan, Aizan & Faiez were leaving to go to buy the ayam percik. I went in and found that kitchen duty was already done; so just lepaked and later helped to dish out stuff. Soon, Jai & Asma arrived, followed by Ziad, Zuel and Bet. It was a pretty small gathering, since most people had other obligations. Orang yang beriya2 nak datang pun, ended up in Bangkok that day. Sabar ajelah. Naz, Chaain't, Kimi, Asiah & Baby Ehsan were the only other ones there.

But it doesn't need to be a big gathering to be meriah when it comes to the Tekadmons. There were 3 chocolate cakes, Aunty's excellent nasi kerabu, lots of murtabak, ayam percik, fruits, kuihs, cendol among other things. As usual, the prayer center was at the annex, and we did our obligations in between eating sessions. Very unlike some sessions where obligations were forgotten in the excitement of stuffing ourselves. Unlike our usual sessions, makan time was very quiet as everyone concentrated on the smorgasbord. Except for the amount of ribbing Ziad got over his 'murtabak discount' :D

Half the gang left after maghrib, but the ones left managed to catch up with news and stuff. Chaain't told us about one champ in Perak who needed help. Maybe we'll go over sometime soon. If they are, I'm in...

Then there was the 'Jejak Kasih' session where Chaain't discovered he was related via his wife to Asiah, Kimi's wife. Chee. Perlis is soo kecik... Hmm.. no Johoreans in the fray that night. He he.

We left pretty early that night, but i guess there'll be other sessions soon. Don't worry, Taichee, we'll catch up over Raya. KLites 1st day, kay? :-)