Monday, February 03, 2014

Operation Rehome - phailwhale

The next time I get a harebrained idea like bringing up a stray cat, someone shoot me first. Please.

Brought Abu up just now, with the idea of cleaning him and fattening him up to prepare for adoption. Phailwhale, big time.

As expected, Pikachu threw a hissy fit. I kept Abu in the cage in my room to keep him safe. the moment I opened the door to take him to the loo, he freaked out and shat all over my freshly cleaned floor. Ee yew.
Left him in the toilet/drying area where the kitty litter is while I went to clean up the mess. Door was a bit sticky because we never shut it for almost 4 years.

Cleaned up and somehow coaxed Pikachu to sit in the other cage quietly. Came back to the  loo and door was properly jammed up. tried to twist the knob to no avail. Great. leave it? Not an option. We need the one and only house toilet, kay... Decided to take drastic measure and terajang-ed the door. Wonder of wonders - it flew open. thank God for having lousy locks.

Unfortunately, it startled Abu and I found him on top of the drying area grille. May I remind you that I live on the 10th floor. Oh joy... Deja vu to Nemo episode. Nasib baik, after some coaxing + brute force + prayers to God Almighty, I managed to bring him safely inside. But not before I got peed on and smeared with watery shit. Of course. What did you expect?

In the end, stuffed him back into the cage and returned him to the 'wilds' of the parking lot. Sorry for the trauma, Abu. I'll just feed you more often from now on, all right? Maybe I should supply food for him with the shops downstairs. I DO want to move from here ASAP...