Monday, January 30, 2006


People tap into others' personalities, thoughts and feelings in many different ways - the light in their eyes, face reading, writing styles, body language, the list goes on. It's a skill relied on by fortune tellers, spies, psychologists and lie detectors alike.

I'm sure I'm not the only one, but hands fascinate me no end. There is something so telling about hands. The pressure of a handshake, the shape of the palm and fingers, the way they are held, all belie secrets untold.
(Disclaimer: This is not a fetish thing!!)

I love strong hands with long, square fingers. They suggest strength tempered with caring and warmth. However, long bony fingers suggest selfishness. Short, pudgy fingers are disturbing to me. Lack of conviction, perhaps? A firm handshake speaks of sincerity. Dead fish swipes smacks of disinterest. Fidgety hands, purposeful moves, each has a story to tell.

But how true are these assumptions?
My own fingers are slender, people say it means I possess artistic abilities. I'm not so sure about that because other than writing, I have no artistic skills whatsoever. Niet, nada, zilch. Some also say they suggest someone who doesn't do housework. I beg to differ; I singlehandedly run the whole damn house, thank you very much.

What secrets are held in these hands? ;)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

It’s All About Money. Is it??

At this age, I begin to realise that love, feelings and relationships are wildly changeable things.

How else can you explain the calmness and even fond pleasure to hear the wedding plans of someone who once threw me head over heels? (Of course ego dictates that I will attend with a tall, dark & handsome partner in tow la, of course). Heh heh.

Someone I’ve known forever used to be a favoured friend not 3 years ago, yet now I hardly remember the times we were together. Like: (with bewildered stare) – You met her before? When? Birdwatching? Bila masa you ikut kitorang birding?

Moral: Feelings fade. So what else is new?

Someone is going through a tough time because hubby is doing well and now dah gatal nak ‘bukak branch’ pulak. Oh dear!! Sigh. Men. Pulak tu the girl couldn’t care less who she hurts. Double sigh. Strangely, many bills are left unpaid. Erm… thought you said you were rich?

Which brings me to the next point. Money. Moolah. Cash. Ringgit. Call it what you like. The thing that makes the world go round. Oops, was that supposed to be love? Whatever. Big fat difference.

How important is it in a relationship?

Truth no 1: Men have big fat egos.
Truth no 2: Girls have egos too la.

Me being me, I wouldn’t consider it an issue if my other half makes slightly less than me. After all, I have loans to pay off, and I need to save up because I’m on contract; will need cash reserves in case I have a gap next year. Most probably the shortfall is temporary due to whatever circumstances. As long as they have a future, careful and smart about their finances, I’m not worried. I’d say it would be better to compare disposable incomes. But then takkan la you nak compare finances macam nak buat merger pulak, kan? Hmm… merger… now that’s an interesting thought.

In any case, marriage is a long term deal, and you have to accept the reality that there is always up and downs in life. I could marry a rich man and he could be bankrupt in 10 years time due to no fault of his. Or I could marry a pauper and have him rich 5 years later. Ok la. That’s taking it to extremes la.

Or I could marry someone who is more or less on an equal footing. We’d try our best to make things work. Things might be hard sometimes. Someone might try to pinch him from me. He might get big-headed and start to wander. Or I might start making big money and cause a rift. You never know.

Bottomline: Marriage is for the long haul; many things will change in the course of a lifetime. As passion fades, respect and maturity would help us to stay together and work through anything that life throws at us. So someone that you respect would make a better criteria than how much he is currently earning, wouldn’t you agree?

Coming up next: PausBiru needs lessons on how to attract missing other half.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ennuyer et solitaire

Ma vie c'est tres solitaire ces derniere temps. Je travaille tous le jours. Quand je ne pas travaille, il est tres ennuyeux et solitaire. Mais je suis fatigue aussi. Je voux quelqu'un volonte aimer moi... :(

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Of Clouds and Silver Linings

Was surprised to hear that a friend's long-standing relationship ended over the Christmas holidays. I knew that there were some issues, but I had always thought they would be able to work something out. Poor guy looked quite shattered when I saw him... Long-distance relationships are not easy, and sometimes, you come to an impasse where the outcome may not be to your favor. On the other hand, I suppose you could live next door to each other, and it still might not work out. But then, as they say, ‘Jodoh di tangan Tuhan’. He's a lovely guy and I'm sure he'll find someone, eventually.

As for me, my main concern right now is work, especially the briefing on Saturday, of which the response is quite pathetic. Environment, especially energy conservation is not 'sexy' per se except from a financial savings viewpoint. Even then, there are too many who think RM250 is a reasonable amount to pay for electricity, maybe because rich Dad pays for it kot... Many don't even know how much the bill is! (Guess I was guilty of that too when Mom was around.) And trying to get enough people together during the holiday season is a major pain in the ass, I'm afraid. But my sixth sense tells me it would be OK, and there will be enough people on Sat morning (which I hope is true). Just need to beg a few more people to show up. I promised my boss that there will be 30 people there or I'd pay the excess. Ulp! Haven't even secured houses for home audit in Malacca and Kuantan. Guess will have to take it one at a time la, no choice. Next week is time enough, I suppose.

And relationships? I trust things will happen when the time is right. I'm comfortable as it is. As I once told Reeza, looking for a partner is like looking for the right pair of shoes. There's no point forcing the issue. Too small and they'll pinch. Too loose and they'll fall off. God works in mysterious ways. It will be all right in the end. I'm sure of it :-)

Monday, January 16, 2006


Dear Azura,
Here is your horoscope
for Tuesday, January 17:

Treat your body like the high-performance machine that it is. Would you give a Ferrari unleaded gas? No way! So stop feeding yourself junk that makes you feel terrible.
Clean up your diet and start exercising.


Haiya! Even my astrologer oso pestering me to clean up my act. Sigh.
Does that mean I have to throw away the leftover cakes now...?

Friday, January 13, 2006

"Great" Day

It's one of those days when you wake up feeling anxious and the whole day just sucks.

Kena saman MPPJ lagi despite me talking to the guy for a full five minutes, explaining that I work there and there is nowhere else to park except near the playground. The car does not block any traffic at all. But some schmuck complained about the cars lined up and the main road and they feel obliged to saman everyone keliling the padang, especially because someone was watching from one end. He said he'd consider if I had a sign on my car. While I was printing the notice, they samaned the car and asked me to get it cancelled at the MPPJ office. Right, like I have nothing better to do with my time. Dah la I keja Saturdays...

Then my partner had to get a message from the Dalai Lama saying they have to go vegetarian for the next 3 days. Bad enough that i had to tag along when I hate vegetarian food in order to keep peace, he thinks its funny to ask me to eat vegetarian char siew. Talk about being insensitive!

Some other things at work also annoyed the hell out of me, and my weekend is as good as gone. Won't be getting a break until Chinese New Year, even then might have to go to Kuantan and get some work out of the way. Shoot. If only I can buy TLC at the local pasar malam. :p

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Really? Blink~**

I am 28% loser. What about you? Click here to find out!

Looking for Projek Tekad write up, ini pulak yang dapat. saba jelah. heh heh heh.
Source: Link fm Dil's blog. :p

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Takde Kerja Cari Kerja...

I find I have this tendency to take up too much stuff and then whine about it... How ah? But then I really kenot tahan if my life takde distractions, boring la pulak. Ha ha.

By now, my dinner is just round the corner. Thank God my super-duper excellent team has taken care of everything so all i had to do is call for meetings, get everyone talking and send an email every now and then :p Had a short discussion after lunch at my place yesterday, so most details are pretty well sorted out. Phew!!

Have a training session in PD this Sunday. Once again, everything kao tim by the others, so all I have to do is talk on the day itself.

Next week, ada briefing aka mini seminar in KL. This one I have to work on la, no choice. Hope I manage to scrape by, not so easy to get participants for energy related stuff, unfortunately.

Next month, Tekad Pahang. Will need to 'kacau' all my Kuantan based friends la pulak.

Hmm... ntah le. Takde keja cari keja. Ada keja komplen banyak keja. Takde keja lain ke?

Never mind. Had a good time lepaking with the gang yesterday. Will be taking a break during Raya Cina; then holiday in Bangkok mid-February. Sure best punya. Ha ha. What a life!!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

May wonders never cease...

I had been wearing these earrings for a long, long time; ever since my TKC days, I think. My Mom had given them to me; they had become so much a part of me that I hardly ever took them off. Then one day they disappeared. I had felt uncomfortable and had taken them off for a few days. Suddenly I realised that I couldn't find them anywhere! I franctically searched all my bags, desks, etc. They were nowhere to be found. For months I wondered. Each time I opened a spare handbag or a forgotten box, I would hope that they were stashed there. I feared that they might have fallen in the street somewhere and will never be found again. I tried wearing other pairs, but never could for long; they were too uncomfortable. Tried buying new ones, but couldn't find anything I liked as much.

Went upstairs this afternoon and saw them lying in a box near the window. I was so thrilled!! One of the cleaners had discovered them in my box of brochures while cleaning my room earlier. They must have fallen there by accident. Alhamdulillah!! I was so happy I kissed her cheek and cried. Hope I never lose them ever again...

Guess if something or someone is right for you, there is a special bond that either keeps you together or tells you when all is lost. Who knows, my stolen laptop might still turn up somewhere. And maybe someday, someone will see me as I am instead of a pretentious high-class social butterfly wannabe. Maybe. Someday.

Fireflies: River of Light

Eyeda’s tip and Acat’s testimonial on his blog encouraged me to try and catch this movie. Finally managed to do so yesterday.

As you all may know, the story revolves around a teacher and his class whose class project was to raise fireflies so that they may fly again in their kampung. Along the way, they met many obstacles. They cleaned up a polluted river in their school and fought against a project on the site. There were also 'baddies' who tried to stop the project.

Found the movie light, laced with the gentle humour and whimsical silliness typical of Japanese entertainment. I’m sure most of us remember Oshin, another series about the clumsy stewardess-in-training (anyone remember the title?) and the unforgettable Istana Takeshi.

The environmentalist in me loved the kids’ passion for saving the fireflies and the teacher’s apparent naivete which made his character so endearing. And you can’t help adoring the grandmotherly principal who in her gentle way encouraged the effort.

Down-to-earth and heartwarming, this movie is nice pick-me-up compared to typical American rubbish. I do hope my companion enjoyed the movie as much as I did, being dragged along and all :-)

Next stop – Broken Flowers. Anyone game?

Saturday, January 07, 2006


Suasana sepi begini
Panahan rindu menusuk hati
Tak mungkin kau sedari
Lantas ku titip puisi kasih
Agar gelora tidak merintih
Sengsara pun menyisih

Dengarkanlah suara hati
Moga dikau mampu mengerti
Cinta hadir tanpa ku rasa simpati

( korus )
Kasihmu lama tersulam
Di ruang paling dalam
Terlalu jauh tak terselam

( 1 )
Ku akui
Dugaan datang jua pergi
Rela ku menghadapi
Dengan harapan suci
Doa bersemi

( 2 )
Usah bak suria kau hadir
Persis ombak memukul ke sisir
Bimbang cinta terusir

( 3 )
Kerna rindu pastikan lahir
Airmata setia mengalir
Berjanjilah ia tak mungkin kan berakhir
Oh oh...

( ulang 3 )

( ulang dari korus )


Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Talk about being blunt...

Going round in circles trying to find a list of major towns in Malaysia, I spotted a BMI calculator in the Statistics Dept page. What a service to us...

Keyed in the required info:-
Weight: xx kg
Height: 170 cm
Hit [Calculate] button
BMI: 26
Comment: You are fat.


Take a deep breath. Relax... Adehs... Could you be any more blunt than that?? Takper. We find out how much further we have to go...

Keyed in adjusted info:-
Weight: yy kg
Height: 170 cm
Hit [Calculate] button
BMI: 25
Comment: How do you managed to get fit? Keep it up!

Waa, so nice to the fit people, so ganas to fat people... Tak aci. Like this have to lose wt la. Anyway, I need to lose only 3 kg to reach normal wt. (Only?? blink ~*) Tralalaa...
Time to check if cute lifeguard still works at the pool ;-p

Sunday, January 01, 2006


Asked Dil how to put music on the blog ages ago. He replied oso ages ago. Now ni la baru betul2 buat step by step. So ma fan, but finally got it done!! So happy to have "Mungkin Nanti" playing on the lappie again. Thanks, Dil :D