Monday, February 22, 2010

Broken Wing

Once upon a time, there was a little bird that was just learning to fly. She tried to reach the next branch, but it was too high up. She kept trying to wing her way and failing. One day, she was so tired she fell off the tree where they were perched. She managed to climb back up, but she was never the same again. She had hurt her wing in the fall. No one understood why she couldn't fly, neither did the bird itself. Could the wing heal someday? We hope so...

Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Collector

Isn't it frustrating when things are not where you expect them to be? I'm not much of a collector, but lately have been collecting a few TV series. My listed hobby is birding, but am actually a closet Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice and CSI junkie. Seriously, sometimes I wish I could actually be a CSI. That would be SO cool! Especially if the guys are half as cute as the new guy n CSI Miami.. Ha. I wish. So far, the only payback i got was winning 500 bucks at a CSI themed party last year. Why couldn't I indulge in something that could make me rich for a change??

Couple of days ago tried to do a GA marathon and realised that the earlier episodes were all jumbled up in dozens of CDs crammed into undersized voucher files masquerading as CD holders. Yes, I agree that I'm a cheapskate. Therefore I had this genius idea of burning them all into proper DVDs. Nicely labelled ones, with matching titles, not a mishmash of names given by the uploaders and left any which way. Unfortunately, it turned out that doing this demanded that i copy everything back into the computer, a time-consuming exercise, and in doing so, discovered double files, missing ones and those that didn't make much sense. Managed to sort GA out after checking some online episode lists, and come to terms with my missing episodes. Am burning the collection now.

That leaves me with CSI and Private Practice to deal with. Have realised that I deleted the whole bunch of PP season 1 because frankly, it was full of crap. But now that it has somewhat improved I want a complete collection! (I still think it's nonsensical, I just watch it to see Addison and a few cute guys. How sad is that? :P) Anyway, also found that a whole bunch is missing from Season 2. I could have stopped downloading for a few months (which was possible, due to my overworked life), or, I could have already burned them into DVDs and lost them - which is also a strong possibility since I swear I had burned CSI season 7 and 8 on DVDs and they're missing as well.

So now will have to check for missing CSI episodes and try to download them from the net... The rest I'll just jumble up into a mixed DVD. No harm done, it's all just for my own private viewing anyway...

Friday, February 19, 2010

Bl**dy Banks..

I so hate it when I try to pay off a loan and they won't allow me. There's a price to pay to save on interest - RM200, to be exact. And that's more than the remaining interest due. So sakit hati! and they took the money without even acknowledging it. Hello.. that's a few thousand of my sweat and tears, okay? The least you can do is acknowledge that you have taken the money... instead every month i still get the standard letter "reminding" me that I don't owe them anything.. Yeesh!! Sakit hati...

Nasib baik semalam someone suggested i ask for an interest reduction. Yup. they should. Like 0%, since i basically have paid off the f**king loan! I hate this 'international' bank.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Just an Update

What have I been up to?

Am hungry now. Barely had dinner, unless you count oatmeal cookies and gulai ayam dipped with bread. Just finished watching Julie & Julia, something I downloaded quite some time ago. It was fun watching how the stories unfolded. Then of course I had to look up the blog and read more about the story. But now it's late and I need to decide if eating a cookie at 1.30 a.m. is going to make me fat tomorrow. Also have other food in the kitchen, but have no appetite for real food at this hour. Maybe I should just drink a glass of (low-fat) milk. And how did I end up with a stash of oatmeal cookies?

Was planning to make choc chip cookies today - to clear off old baking supplies stock. But changed my mind and decided to try something new. Haven't explored anything in a while... Looked through my stash of cookbooks and decided on Cinnamon Raisin and Chcolate oatmeal cookies instead. Unfortunately the cinnamon raisin bombed tastewise. Spice combination went awry i'm afraid... As I closed pages, saw 2 projects not qite done. Sigh, hope to get back on track soon. Have spent days just trying to rejuvenate my dead brain (and hopefully spleen) cells and cleaning house.

I'm starting to feel more human again now. Maybe I should take off and do some birding tomorrow...