Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Time, Time, Time

We do take things like wristwatches for granted until they cease to function. We were at a marathon catch up session on Saturday, when someone exclaimed that it was almost 3 a.m. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was still only 12.30. However, a quick check on the handphone confirmed that it was already very late. My trusty Casio had apparently run out of juice...

Didn't get a chance to change the battery until yesterday afternoon. Running from one event to another, I kept pulling up my sleeve only to find my wrist, no timekeeping device strapped onto it, as was normal. I parked at the Weld, hoping that there will be a watch shop there. I was annoyed to find that there was none. Luckily, my sources pointed me to Wisma HLA, next door to where my event was, and the battery was quickly replaced. What a relief.

Being a clock watcher, I seriously don't understand people who insist that they don't need a watch. I know handphones and various other devices around us offer to tell the time, but how reliable are they, compared to a simple, personal device that can tell us the time at a glance, instead of fiddling with handphones or looking around for a public clock? But then, I know watchless people who are way better at keeping time.. so i guess it boils down to the person also. Oh well, at least my watch works again. Maybe I should take the trouble to fix my other watches, at least I'd have a backup at the ready.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

High and Dry

Due to the peculiarities of thought, I now find myself stuck high & dry without a single sen of the remuneration due to me in hand. I have been working my butt off for the past few months, day and night, to meet deadlines and expectations, but for some reason, the money is not coming in!

I thought DANIDA would pay up pretty fast. Well, it's been three weeks and I haven't received their payment. Local companies, even ones owned by "nice guys" have a tendency to dilly dally with payment. Kalau keja, nak cepat aje. Hari ni bagi, esok nak siap. Payment, dah dekat dua bulan tak bagi2 lagi. Semalam janji nak bank in cheque. Hari ni, call pun tak nak angkat. Geram betul!

WWF normally pays fast, tapi kena pulak project officer yang dah lemak keja dgn NGO lain, nak check document 2 minggu, invoice dah seminggu aku hantar, dia baru nak check email. Dah la aku kasi discount murah gila, sacrifice my b'day lagi nak betulkan keja orang lain. Saja nak melambat2kan payment aku. Aku seligi karang...

Even my highly esteemed company pun bayar lewat kat contract staff. Full timers ok la kot. Contributors lagi la tunggu lama. Tadi diorang bagi hamper raya. Kemain lawa lagi. Nice, thank you. But hello!! I need cash la. Bila nak sain cek? Kuih raya tu bukan boleh pakai bayar bil. Aku ni dah la keja siang malam, sampai buka kat ofis, keja hari Sabtu nak siapkan assignment yang berlambak2. Jangan la lambat2 bayar gaji. Aku nak makan apa macam ni?

Claims lagi satu... Aku submit awal bulan, proses la dulu. Boleh dia tunggu 15th, biar semua orang terkontang kanting nak submit (lambat takleh claim), dah berlonggok, baru la terhegeh-hegeh nak proses claim aku. Boleh tak, buat peel macam tu? Siap slash lagi kalau aku balik rumah straight lepas event. Sial. Trip 50 km, dia kira 40 pasal "Shah Alam standard limit 40 km". Hello! Ingat aku ni penipu ke hapa? Dah rumah kawan tu jauh 50 km.. Aku pakai trip meter la, bukan saja2 nak claim lebih! Each trip means petrol, and parking bukannya murah. Each event in PJ Hilton, parking RM8 - banquet rate. KLCC, at least RM5. No receipt, no claim. Abih kalau resit tak keluar - rugi la aku. Macam ni gajah pun mati..

Kompeni sial lagi satu tu lagi la. Payment aku konon dah pos. Pos kat mana pun tak tau. Tunggu replacement dah dekat dua bulan dah ni. Dia kata bos dia tunggu statement. Pantat dia la tunggu statement. Mintak aje kat bank, dia bagi. Bayar pun singgit. Takkan la kompeni nkau tu sengkek sangat nak bayar singgit pun tak mampu. Memang sengaja nak melambat2kan payment orang. Biasa la tu. Ingat freelancers tak payah dibayar. Lemak. Aku claim via tribunal karang.. So far, dah lebih enam bulan dah payment tu sangkut.

Pagi tadi ada event kat Marriott. Dok fikir nak isi minyak, nak bayar parking... Mintak duit tak dapat2. Aku rasa pengemis tepi jalan tu pun lagi banyak duit dari aku. Tadah aje, mesti ada orang bagi cash. Padahal aku yang keja bertungkus lumus ni, habuk pun tak dapat. Aku nangis.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mamma Mia!

If anyone ever needed a pick me up, this is it. I hate musicals, but I do love ABBA, and Meryl Streep, and Pierce Brosnan... So free tickets to the movie was just the thing to do with the girls on a Tuesday night after weeks of constant working and trying to work.

And in conclusion? I LOVE IT!!

It's just so funny and sweet and raunchy and cute... With lovely scenes on the island and the Mediterranean sea - makes the Ikan Paus want to jump in and swim along! For once, it's not in Hollywood or anywhere near America. The whole show was hilarious. If you're like me, born in the seventies, you'd have grown up listening to ABBA, so it's a journey down memory lane as well.

Meryl Streep looks exactly like who she really is - a lovely woman old enough to have a grown up daughter. And Pierce Brosnan looks much older too. Older, but has aged gracefully. He has dignity, the look of a loving father. Ha. I remember having a crush on the much younger man when I was a kid. Remington Steele - anyone remember that series? I thought he was the most handsome guy of all time. Of course it was before meeting my sexy tai kor and "all the guys I've loved before".

Just the ticket to warm up this jaded woman who can't be bothered to hope anymore. Well, who knows, maybe someone would take the trouble to marry me sometime. If not, oh well. who cares? I'm happy enough. Why make yourself miserable because you can't find a certain kind of happiness, right? :) Life is hard enough, just enjoy the roses as they come along. Carpe diem!

Priorities & Balance

These days I seem to be scrambling just to keep an even keel. Many things are good, but some things threaten to put a plug in my efforts at times. I have bits and pieces I'm doing for people, plus lots of work, and the result is often lack of time. However, despite my scrambling to hand work in on time, payment will too often take it's own sweet time. Plus some that you really have to fight to actually get.

I've started going to the gym, something which I normally detest, but once you have committed to it, walking the treadmills don't seem half bad. It's just a necessary evil, which can be done at night, after work, rain or shine. Above all, I'm actually feeling good! After a while you body quits complaining and you can actually enjoy the results.

The only thing from all this work and gym sessions is that I'm hardly home, and when I am, I'm in front of the computer until I fall asleep. So my cats are definitely not getting enough TLC. Pseudo needs the vet, but I need to wait for my money to come in first. And the house is in desperate need for a cleanup. Maybe I can call for the cleaners to come. But that again will need money. It's nonsensical how I keep expecting to be paid, and yet time and time again I end up waiting and frustrated before I see anything. Urgh. Bayar cepat sikit boleh tak?

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Pushing Forward

I'm just so exhausted these days... Kalau tak puasa tu, ok la sikit, boleh telan caffeine. Kalau puasa, ubat dia, kena cukup tido. Tak makan takpe, jangan tak cukup tido, takleh nak bergerak!

Finally went to the gym on Sunday. I have 2 free sessions with a trainer. Second one malam ni. Oh so malas nak pegi... Lepas train nak reward myself dengan donat boleh tak? hehehe... After that, I'm on my own, except for tips I can get from friends and the internet.. see if i can bribe my trainer to give me tips every now and then. Nak bayar for full sessions, tak mampu la.

Have a million things on my to do list, lagi pulak kena cover mangkuk2 yang blah cuti tak siapkan keja depa. Tak pasal aku pulak nak kena cover, keja aku tak sempat nak siap. Pastu ada some articles yang more challenging than usual, so have to go round the world looking for solutions. It's almost mid September and I'm still working on last month's stragglers. Then ada my personal projects lagi nak disiapkan. And chasing after stuck payments... Ayoyo... bayar la cepat wei. Aku nak beli kasut pun kena fikir doblas kali... tak pasal2 aku tension. Aku sue diorang ni karang, lawyer la pulak yang kaya... ngehehe...

Hrmph... bila laa nak setel benda2 mengarut nih...? Hmm... kalau balik boleh terus tido kan best... Saba ajelah.. sikit je lagi. By bulan depan everything clear la kot. Insya-Allah, Aminnnnnnnn.

Monday, September 08, 2008

I Was Tagged By Acik

Ha ha.. Lama tak kena tag, tengah busy2 ni, kena pulak tag dengan Acik. OK, time out sekejap (ni still kat ofis ni).

BILA KALI PERTAMA MENAIKI KAPAL TERBANG? Masa umur sembilan taun - the one and only time satu family pegi holiday overseas. Masa tu excited giler. Pasal takut mabuk, my dad bawak la gi doktor ambik ubat. Ubat tu buat kita ngantuk. Tapi pasal flight sekejap sangat, atas plane tak tidur, sampai Medan takleh nak bukak mata!

Singapore kira tak? Since my family separuh kat sana, dari kecik lagi selalu ke Pulau Singa. Kalau tak, then the Medan trip la.

Form 1, kat sekolah yang bergelar "KaTaK". Whatever la, we love our little tempurung. Hahaha...

TERINGIN SANGAT NAK MELANCONG KE…? Kanada! Land of wide open spaces, mountains, lakes, forests, black bears, mountain goats, salmons, whales, etc, etc, etc. Insya-Allah, one day...

FAVOURITE ACCESSORIES? Rantai & loket + anting-anting pemberian arwah Mak. And also her diamond ring.

KALAU ADA DUIT ??? Setelkan all my hutangs, beli keta baru and get a nice apartment, with a pool, naturally.


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