Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Opening up

You know colouring is a trend right now, kan? Bought myself a cheap book recently and played with various mediums. It's quite true, I did discover things as I went along. I knew I always liked things to match, but now I realise that I can be fussy with the results too. I mean, look at this piece. I did it because the others I worked on were quite warm with flowers etc. This one is cool due to the arctic theme. I actually redid quite a lot of this piece. I used to just let things go, like if the colours  didn't quite jive. But with this one, I actually erased the jarring bits and recoloured. And in the end I think it's totally worth the effort because I really like the way the colours blend together. I learnt to experiment on small sections so that I could change if the result was not up to expectations. In a way, it relates back to real life, right?
This is another piece that I found problematic. The colours were too coarse at first. So I blended them up with water (I used FC Watercolour Pencils). Really like the finish now. The bottom of the nest may be a little dark, but I've decided to let it be for now. Just like life, right? Sometimes you need to fix things immediately and sometimes you can afford to wait and see. 
I believe I've found a hidden interest in art, something I have not given any thought to all these years. I bought a gingerbread house in Ikea the other day, and I was thinking of decorating it with icing - another art form I never dared to explore before. Will I succeed? Time will tell :)