Monday, September 28, 2009

Contraceptive Failure

And here are the results.. For the record, I had all the intention of spaying the mama cat, but the local tom beat me to it. So there!

Now, these babies need good homes and lots of TLC. Yanie has booked one. I'm reserving Curly Wurly, the sweetest one for her. Another 3 to go. There are 2 males and 2 females. Mom is a Persian mix.

Babies are healthy, playful and TOILET TRAINED. Already over a month old and eating solid food. Interested? Call me at 019-267 4896. Thanks - Oza

Friday, September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya!

Ha. Inilah aku.. Orang semua dah selamat sampai kampung baru aku nak ucapkan selamat beraya... My own plans pun dok tukar sampai seblas juta kali baru nak confirm. Sebenarnya takde mood nak raya pasal tensyen kerja tak siap2 sejak tiga minggu lepas. Pastu bukan ada nak beraya dengan sapa pun.

So, supaya dapat R.I.P. (Raya in Peace), aku pun nekad la stay back nak menyiapkan dua mukasurat yang dari hari tu tak setel-setel. Dah la overdue, takde idea pulak. Masalahnya, selepas calling2 dengan berbagai pihak tadi, my plans dah tukar dari balik kampung 1st day to balik early tomorrow morning. How that's going to happen, I don't know. Tawakkal ajelah. I dah nak habis bateri dah ni. Takde mood nak buat apa-apa. The thought of going home and hitting the bed is so very the appealing right now... Pathetic kan? Abih tu camna, kata nak siapkan keja, tapi dok main telepon tak sudah2. Hish. Napalah benda alah ni tak boleh nak disiapkan awal2 dulu? Budus betul.

Monday, September 14, 2009

DIY Culture

I'm pretty used to doing bits and pieces myself, even though plumbing is rather beyond me. Some things are just too scary to contemplate - like changing a damaged wall socket. That one my daddy took care of. Other minor minor things I can do la.

Lately, have been DIYing my cats' various minor ailments. Dulu impian nak jadi vet tak tercapai kan... So now jadi quack meow doctor la.. Leo's tail didn't heal well after treatment so i used a combination of antiseptic spray, squeezing out the pus and TLC until it healed completely. Vet mahal ma..

Then the mama cat pulak appeared with a stinky ear. I donno what happened, but the ear stunk BAD. Something akin to smelly feet like that. At first we just stayed well away from her and occasionally ventured to spray antiseptic in the infected ear. Later, I figured that it needed much more than the occasional spritz, so I looked up the topic on the internet, hunted up a bottle of ear cleaner and proceeded to deal with the cat. How difficult can it be, right? I did watch the vets closely on previous occasions..

On my first attempt - after I put in a few drops of cleaning lotion, she vigorously shook her head and stinky droplets flew onto ME. Ewww!!! The things I do for the cats! There was lots of caked up stuff too so maybe it's ear mites. Sigh. Where DO these things come from? But fifteen minutes and a pile of dirty cotton later, she was relatively clean and smelling much better. Phew! The next day it had improved. Bits of caked wax came out each day. It's still a funny consistency but much better anyhow. So now it's kind of a ritual to check her ear every night, no matter how late I come back. Sometimes I give it a rest and clean only if it smells. Hope she gets well soon. Cats meds are so much more expensive than human ones.. :(

Now, she needs spaying. Neighbourhood vet - RM200. UPM.. was it RM120? But then I'll need to get her jabbed first, send her to Serdang the day before and pick her up the day after... Might cost more in the end. Tapi bulan ni... budget duit keta double, Raya, wedding in Singapore... Bulan depan la kot... Nak DIY tak boleh!

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hepi Hepi Soda Gumbira

If ever there was something to rejuvenate jaded souls, it would be the most wonderful Tekadmons. I was so horribly lazy the whole of Saturday, takde semangat even to go and buy items I needed for my pengat pisang. But by the time we entered the Istana Gema Bali Putra, my spirits had perked right up. And by the time we had a few glasses of the super special "Soda Gumbira", we were all climbing off the walls!

It's been a long time since we all got together for makan2. The change in venue was a blessing in disguise as we were free to be as hyper as we wanted at Lan & Aizan's place. The only thing missing was my beloved Cyber-shot. It was superflous in my bag, so I took it out and forgot to reinstate it before we left. So no personal collection for me this time :(

The camera has become the new "don't leave home without it" item. It used to be the binoculars. Anyway, since I now have my good friend "Mac", I'll be free to roam the wilderness on weekends again. Thinking of booking an apartment in Frasers in October. Anybody wanna come with?

Tuesday, September 01, 2009

It was supposed to be funny!!

Well, it was funny. Quite, really. But some parts were so poignant that I started crying instead! To make things worse, I rummaged in my bag and there were no stray tissues available. In the end it was Pakcik who gave me some of his... sigh.

I cried when his wife died, I cried when the nasty developers sent him to court, I cried whenever ,, dammit, I'm starting to cry again. Damned hormones!