Wednesday, April 01, 2015

Aches and Pains

I'm getting older, and I experience more pain than before... Physical as well as financial.

Today is Graham's birthday. And the start of GST in Malaysia. I'm not going to complain too much, even though I do feel the pinch.

Sent Michelle to the vet the other day and picked her up today. K Ayu brought up a REALLY sick kitten, and it infected all the other cats in the house. The others (thankfully) recovered after a few doses of medicine; but she had it real bad and her cornea got infected. She might have lost a fight with one of the strays or something, but bottomline, her eye almost blew up. She resisted my attempts to clean up her eye on Thursday, and disappeared until Saturday afternoon. I came home late, halfheartedly looked for her and much later found her in my closet. The eye was in a really bad way, as was her ear. SMSed Kristy on Sunday and thank God she was open.

So she did surgery on the eye, cleaned up her ear, etc. Picked her up after 3 days, eye sewn shut to facilitate healing, e-collar in place. The damage? RM507 +11.55 for the collar. Ouch. It could always be worse, so just sucking it up. My tax returns better come in soon! At least she didn't charge me GST. Sometimes I wonder if she's doing OK. There doesn't seem to be much traffic at her clinic...

As for me, having these 4 idiots is not very good for my health, it seems. I'm always getting scratched here and there, intentionally or not. Trina hates being picked up and she does not hesitate to claw her way to freedom if forcibly detained. It doesn't help if I was in a towel at that point. Pikachu, thankfully, doesn't claw his mama on purpose, if at all. Phew. Kopi, being a naughty little brat, just this morning clawed on my ankle to save himself from falling off the bed. OUCH! And Michelle clawed me deep at that juncture between my thumbnail and flesh when I was trying to clean her face the other day. Now the bit gets swollen and painful after a while. Adoi... Dah la aku ni diabetic. Kalau tak, takde la risau sangat.

Hoping my tax returns come in soon. Banyak nak pakai duit ni...