Friday, July 31, 2009

Celine Dion - Tell Him (Duet With Barbara Streisand)

Celine:I'm scared
C:So afraid to show I care
C:Will he think me weak
C:If I tremble when I speak
C:What if
C:There's another one he's thinking of
C:Maybe he's in love
C:I'd feel like a fool
C:Life can be so cruel
C:I don't know what to do

Barbra:I've been there
B:With my heart out in my hand
B:But what you must understand
B:You can't let the chance
B:To love him pass you by

B&C:Tell him
B&C:Tell him that the sun and moon
B&C:Rise in his eyes
B&C:Reach out to him
B&C:And whisper
B&C:Tender words so soft and sweet
C:I'll hold him close to feel his heart beat
B:Love will be the gift you give yourself

B:Touch him C:(Oooh)
B:With the gentleness you feel insideC: (I feel it)
B:Your love can't be denied
B:The truth will set you free
B:You'll have what's meant to be
B&C:All in time you'll see

C:I love him B:(Then show him)
C:Of that much I can be sureB: (Hold him close to you)
C:I don't think I could endure
C:If I let him walk away
C:When I have so much to say

B&C:Tell him
B&C:Tell him that the sun and moon
B&C:Rise in his eyes
B&C:Reach out to him
B&C:And whisper
B&C:Tender words so soft and sweet
B:Hold him close to feel his heart beat
C:Love will be the gift you give yourself

C:Love is light that surely glows
C:In the hearts of those who know
C:It's a steady flame that grows
B:Feed the fire with all the passion you can show
C:Tonight love will assume its place
B:This memory time cannot erase
B&C:Your faith will lead love where it has to go

B&C:Tell him
B&C:Tell him that the sun and moon
B&C:Rise in his eyes
B&C:Reach out to him
B&C:And whisper
B&C:Whisper words so soft and sweet
B:Hold him close to feel his heart beat
C:Love will be the gift you give yourself

B&C:Never let him go

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Jusssssttt only found out this number's meaning. Dah la keta 4896, hp no pun 4896, rupa2nya ada makna tersirat. Haiyaa...

When Jay said my number "like bully like that", I didn't think much of it. Baru tadi I dok teringat the comments I got about the number so I Googled it. This is what I found:

4896 = see peh kau lat

See Peh : somebody
kau lat : powerful/strong/abusive

It is an expression. Here is example of typical usage : "His speech 4896","He screw people 4896".

Alamak! Had no idea it was that bad. Lalala... Wonder if 4720 is a good number :)

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Addict or Habit?

Things I've got into the habit of doing before sleeping, no matter how late it is: -

1. Read Anne (of Green Gables fame) - for the uninitiated, this was a popular Canadian series penned by L.M. Montgomery in the early 1900s (i think). The tale starts with little orphaned Anne being brought to the Cuthbert household in Prince Edward Island. Mistakenly, as it turns out because they really needed a BOY to help in the farm. However, soft-hearted Matthew Cuthbert took to the lovable child and soon his sister Marilla began to love her too. The story is about her frequent adventures (and mis-adventures) due to her curious and fanciful nature. I've come to the part where she is principal in a secondary school and live in a lovely rented room in Windy Poplars (that's the name of the house). One book is missing from the set and I hope I can find it somewhere before I get to that part.

2. Play games: Yes, childish as it may seem, I play computer games like any 11 year old might. I could be playing Scrabble online, Zuma, Typer Shark (to improve my typing) or whatever else. I just discovered Typing Maniac. God help me!!!

3. Try to work: Yeah. i religiously save my unfinished work in my thumb drive, bring it home, faithfully open the file on my laptop and TRY to work on it. Needless to say, it is more often than not the 'bedtime story' that whizzes me off to la la land in no time flat. Sheez. Bring work home indeed! Sudah la. Duduk ofis la sampai keja siap...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

A Good Weekend

These days I barely have time to do stuff anymore. Give me a chance to clean house and read, I'll be ecstatic. Managed to clean house, but needed to work too, so overall, so so la.

Abang came by with the kids last night. Tania had given me an "Omnitrix" and a cuddly monkey, I gave it to the kids. Wanted to give the monkey to Yasmeen, but Anis intercepted it. Oh well...

It's funny, the things that tickle you at this late age. Anis saw our stash of Maggi Mee in the kitchen and asked for some. I obligingly cooked a packet, then watched in amusement as the kids attacked the bowlful with gusto. Even little Yasmeen pun sibuk jugak. Hehehe.. the joys of sharing a meal. I remember when we used to share nasi ambeng that Yaie brought back from kenduri. That was so much fun!

Abang was upstairs helping K Ayu setup her computer. eh? I thought that machine dah qa lu dah.. Hidup pulak.

Adik of course seronok naik turun tangga. Plus any gathering with kids tak sah kalau takde yang melalak. nasib baik sekejap je. Pah dok bukak my mags with recipes. By the time they went back, the table penuh huru hara dengan cawan, buah, jag air, mangkuk and tah hapa2 lagi. But it was fun la.

Even gave them my Delicious. For some reason, dulu suka sangat. Bila dah beli tak suka pakai pulak. Biar la depa pakai lak. Banyak lagi perfume lain kat bilik.

Today - kerja + main2 sket. Sigh. Dah pukul 11... esok pagi2 dah ada shoot. Pieces - berapa lagi tak siap? Adess. Tarik nafassssss....!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Dead Whale shark.

Why la our Malaysian kids not taught to respect wildlife? Dah la kesian the whales shark terkena jaring, naik darat jadi mainan budak2 pulak. No respect! BTW, the newspaper report captioned it as a whale. Hrmph.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Masked Marauder

Came back from the office late last night. I just happened to look up at my porch roof and saw a common palm civet reaching out towards the papaya tree. Ah hah! Just as I suspected. The culprit to missing ripe papayas is literally the "musang kepala hitam" (dark headed civet). (The phrase actually refers to a human thief). I have no proof, but actually, I don't really mind. I don't really want to eat papayas that often, so he's welcome to have a share.

The animal slipped away while I was rummaging for the camera. By the time I got hold of it, the civet was already high up on the roof. Snapped a few shots, but it was too dark to see details. The next thing I knew, it was coolly walking along the telephone lines across the road, just as if it was a tight-rope. So cute!

Well, Civvy, if you wish for any more papayas, you're welcome to them. So nice to see wildlife thriving in the concrete jungle :-)

Eating Elephants

If you had a job eating elephants, and you're not sure you like eating elephants, would you still do it? You're basically pretty good at eating. Give you anything as big as a cow, or a moose perhaps, and chances are you'll gobble it right up. But elephants.. now that's rather extreme. There are perks that come with eating elephants. The money's not that great, but it pays the bills. Plus, you manage to earn a few extra bucks shucking corn here and there every once in a while since the elephant masters are pretty relaxed as long as you get your job done. But then it comes again to the matter of eating elephants. An elephant now and then probably won't hurt, but if you're constantly forcing an elephant down your throat, it gets kind of hard to stay the course... Then you start wondering again if you actually like eating elephants. That said, if you're not eating elephants, what else are you good for??

Monday, July 06, 2009

So much work, so little time...

I guess I haven't embraced the art of time management like many others. I envy those with the skill to show up at events for a limited time, gracefully withdraw and continue with other assignments. I normally show up just in time, leave when the show is over, plus dawdling a little if I'm in good company. Sometimes stupid things like a forgotten handphone means a detour home to pick up the necessary instrument, costing me more time. by the time I get back, I am swamped with a thousand details that would take more time than I have to sort out. Oh, for the skill to juggle everything, take care of nitty gritty details and get ahead!