Friday, August 20, 2010

Feeling good.. Or maybe it's just gas :D

Woke up feeling 'light' in my midsection, a feeling I haven't experienced much of late. Maybe it was the stress of an overwhelming job, but have been feeling so much better now after going for  massages and yoga classes. And before anyone spews nonsense about yoga being haram, I firmly believe that the exercise is purely physical. If breathing is haram, then I can't help cure your idiocy.

I do think the exercises helped 'open up' tight muscles and blocked arteries, allowing the body to heal itself. I have been feeling off for a long time, mainly due to stress, and basic Swedish massages haven't fixed the problem. I'm so happy I signed up for the gym. At last, somewhere I could have a bit of fun exercise and socialise afterwards. So different from gyms I visited before.

Used to think this light feeling forebode good luck, but maybe it's just a change in biological processes. Or maybe it's just gas... : D