Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Havin' a Good Time

Conferences can be such fun... The point is not so much in listening to the speakers as in building your network of allies. Of course it is always useful to learn new stuff and keep abreast of the latest developments, but naturally, not everything will be up your alley anyway.

Lots of thoughts and debates have cropped up in the past 2 days. Doubt if I'll have the time to put them into words, though. Ini pun have to force myself to deal with some MNS tasks tonight. My room mate day belayor dah. And the room is wintry cold tonight...

Better get to bed now, tomorrow is another long day. Will be visiting the Larut Matang mangroves. Yeay!! That would be sooo good. I've always wanted to go there :-)

Cheers, guys. Miss u all. Catch up when I'm back, kay? Ciao!!

Monday, September 26, 2005


Am accessing the internet from my hotel room in Ipoh. So far so good. Room turned out to be nice and clean. Ada aircon and hot water. Not bad. Just kena saman last night for going at 125… aiyaa… too old to buat muka inesen by now…

Conference has been pretty good. Spending lots of time lepaking with the WWX – ex-WWF staff… Meet some good new faces. Hope this pays off :-)

Cheers, guys. Have a good week ahead!

Friday, September 23, 2005

Friday oredy ah?

Goodness! So fast?? Was just crawling through my assignments this week, took the day off yesterday and it's Friday again... The whole MONTH went by in a blur... Sabar ajelah. Thought I'd work from home semalam. Hmph... work apanya? Tak sempat buat apa pun. Tu la pasal turun pukul tiga pagi nih...

Had assignments to complete, as well as arrange for my trips to KSNP and Ipoh next week. The other girl ada hal kat Penang, so couldn't tai-chi booking accommodations to her... Felt like I was being pulled in two directions between Work and Personal stuff. That was before cooking took over my day lar.

Spent the whole day preparing food for tahlil arwah Mak. Biasanya biar Abah je arrange, but ntah la, tahun ni rasa macam nak buat sendiri pulak... Found that cooking is SO time consuming. Ingatkan sekejap jer masak simple food. But factor in beli barang, prepare ingredients, masak, pack, kemas... it took up almost the whole day! Patut la pun caterers charge mahal sangat. Nasib baik Aunty Rose & Abah tolong. K Ayu tolong kemas & Abang will reimburse expenses. Nak buat later, takut tak sempat... Nasib baik la buat kat masjid. Kalau kat rumah, lagi la banyak keja. Lack of manpower is a serious issue...

At least managed to organise my documents, iron out plans for the weekend and book a room in Ipoh. Thank God for small favors... Got the hotel name from my si-fu, but now wondering what kind of place it is... It's cheap and close to our conference venue, but the guy keeps pushing the deluxe room. Elo... I told you 2 girls right...? Hope its not some kind of dodgy place... Choy!! Maybe should bring sleeping bag along, just in case sheets has eau de Clorox. Side effects of working with a small company - always trying to save cost... Sabar, sabar... more profits, more bonus... Hopefully!

Looking forward to meeting up with D3Katians tonight. C U all later, girls :-)

Monday, September 19, 2005

Indon Concert: Not That Nice but...

Who said blogs must always be nice? I need to vent my laser tongue once in a while.

Spent Friday night up at Teratak with the boys, Aizan, Naz & Jai. As usual, layan the boys, masak, makan, tido... Came down Saturday afternoon. Read a book. Next day speed read paper. Go buy groceries. Finish book. Go to Aizan's to main masak2. Go to concert. Supper.

The charity concert was a waste of time la for me. Dah la I tak kenal pun the artistes, except for Hazami. The sound system was bad, and whole show was meant for the Indonesian fans. Ergh... I think I enjoyed last week's UMSO concert better la.

Hazami's performance sucked big time. He's got a good voice and nice songs, but he sang the pointless ones. Hmm... The sound was at its worst when he sang, and stage presence was zero! Hey, bro, you got good stuff, but kena polish la...

Then was Nina, a very pretty Indonesian lass in a pretty outfit. Boys liked her... But she did have a good voice. And she knew how to work the crowd.

Next was Marcel, sans rambut gondrong. First, he was cute in a white long sleeved tee. Next, tee came off, leaving a sleeveless black top. Mm hmmm.... Girls' turn to cuci mata... ahaha... Good showmanship, donno what he was mumbling, but all the girls were going ga ga la.

Dayang Nurfaizah - powerful voice, but someone made her wear a dowdy green gown. So not nice. Good vocals though. She tried, but crowd was just not interested...

Last came Glenn. OK. I heard his songs before. Barely. Great showmanship, good voice. But he liked to drag the songs la... Penat nak dengar.

In the end I went outside. I needed the space, too crowded inside. Guess I'm just old fashioned. I like poetic songs. I love Zubir Ali, Koptratasa, JayJay, M Nasir, Ramli Sarip and the like... Blame my grandparents, they raised me.

Wonder how much of the ticket money actually went to rebuilding Aceh... Oh well... win some, lose some...

It was fun spending time with Aizan & co. We had foot long sausage at Projet. There were some interesting incidences at Teratak. I fell in love with that Wall's Lidah Jeli, or whatever it's actually called. Jai was grossed out, you're on yr own, man... ha ha ha. Lepaking at Aizan's was nice. Then supper at Anggerik was interesting...

Just the concert aje la tak best, kan? Never mind, Marcel's biceps and Glenn's "Januari" redeemed the show somewhat... akakakaka... sabar ajelah...

Friday, September 16, 2005

Our Clothes and Us

Some say, “Clothes doth make a man.” Or woman, for that matter. Lately, I’ve noticed that certain styles suit certain people according to their lifestyles more than build or skin tone. It’s kind of like a signature, more than perfumes and accessories.

Some look great in simple collared tees. Suits their sporty lifestyle.

My tai-kor looks drop dead gorgeous in white shirts. I kid you not. Not work shirts; I’m talking those loose, homespun cotton thingys. Shouts “Charmer” to the max. No wonder la he’s got so many girlfriends…

Acik loves his donno what, ala ala Jepun styles. Slightly perverted, theatre going, musicoholic…?

Some people like Taichee~* look great in anything. Isk… jeles!

Aizan is always pretty pretty in her girly togs. A Creature Like No Other ;-)

Owh… how could I forget a certain fuchsia clad male seen in the vicinity of TESCO yesterday? Sez – “It’s MY choice. Get used to it.” Hmm…

I prefer simply cut clothes; no fussy designs, please. Do love texture, the feel of cottons and silks…

Everyone else – CikJee, Zura, etc etc all have their own styles.

And the point is….?

Don’t bother with the latest styles and trends. You know what suits you best. :-D

Thursday, September 15, 2005

Announcement: Festival of Wings

The Malaysian Nature Society is organising guided walks in Kuala Selangor Nature Park on 2 days in October - on the 2nd and 16th. Tickets are RM5 only for entrance fee + guided walk.

I'll be staying over the night before, and would like to invite everyone to join in the fun. We could get a seafood dinner and do the Kuala Selangor fireflies at night. The whole thing ends by Sunday noon.

Will send a proper invite later. Sorry, peeps, gotta go :-)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Full steam ahead!

Had a good, lazy weekend, just hanging out at home. Caught a show by the UM Symphony Orchestra in DTC on Saturday night. There was Zubir Ali, Kopratasa, Sham (VISA) and a few other singers, including two students. It was really good; vocals were excellent, as was the music. There was a nice mix of folk songs, oldies, Kopratasa signature songs and patriotic stuff. Plus sajak recitation as well. All in all, it was a good mix. The show closed with everyone heartily joining in to sing Sudirman’s “31 Ogos” song. I’m personally tone deaf, so I don’t go to a lot of these things, but hey, I’m glad I did! It was free too. There’s supposed to be another show on 10th Dec. I’ll put that on my calendar. Thanks for the heads up, Suz. Keep ‘em coming, please. :-)

I’m so pleased with work. So many new projects are coming in, it’s great to have projects to work on rather than going fishing for new business. Marketing is so not my thing. :-D

And the best thing is, I still can do a few laps in KJ before coming to work… Need to consider changing pools, though. There were quite a few guys there this morning and ladies’ day is on Fridays only. Shy la… Maybe I can go back to UiTM again. Except for the distance, I love that pool…

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Selective Writers' Block

Hmph... why la do I do this to myself..? I keep distracting myself with all sorts of nonsense while that little bit of additional work I promised the old man is progressing at snail's pace... I'm way overdue oredy and there's about a ton of other work which is on hold until I get this bit done... Sigh... Giving myself unnecessary stress some more...

1st week of the month is always the bane of my existence due to my monthly comm meetings. Have been coming home after 11.00 the past few days. Exhausted oo... MNS byk giler kerja nak buat. Pastu my chairman dok trying to taruh more and more work on my lap... eh hello, comm members lain kan ada? Maybe it's his perverted accountant/banker's way of trying to see more of me for free. Well, Mr Chairman, you're losing points big time. Right now yr rating is lower than yr car! Try buying me dinner sometime, you schmuck. I think I'll have to drop Chang and minimise IEP involvement. Possibly drop Tekad Pahang as well.

Urgh. Gotta finish this NOW. A new project just came in and I'll be busy until February. My checklists are already overflowing as it is... sigh. Wish all these things will get magically done. Boleh tak?

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Thank you, sayangs!

Having unabashedly announced my upcoming birthday and shamelessly asking to be treated, I was quite overwhelmed by the attention I got from my lovely, lovely friends the past 2 days. I received well wishes literally the whole day long, thanks to P who had actually waited to send the last message for the day... cheeky boy! And there is more coming next week from my darling tai-kor who had profusely apologised for missing my b'day due to the loss of his hp. Obviously he relies on his phone calendar as much as I rely on my Outlook. :-D

Celebrated on the day itself with my colleagues in the office, then went out for dinner with Lorett, Chris & Fiza. Nain was away in Oz, but we had a lovely time anyway. Last night the Tekadmons and IEP gang met up in One-U and held up Nando's until late. Afterwards we went on to watch Charlie & The Chocolate Factory, which was fun.

Guess I was just curious how they would portray Roald Dahl's book on screen. I found it to be more colourful than what I imagined from the book, but seen from a kid's perspective it was really nicely done with lots of good values thrown in. Johnny Depp made a very eccentric Willy Wonka and the Oompa-Loompas were cute. And the 4 brats were examples of how NOT to spoil your child!! My favourite part would be Charlie's family in the ramshackle old house, having hardly enough to eat, but held together with love so strong not even the prospect of Wonka's riches could tear Charlie away. It was a good movie.

I went home laden with prezzies, feeling 12 instead of 32! Thanks so very, very much to Aizan, Anang, Sherrie, Naz, Zaki, Chaain't, Aziana, Bet, Azam, Eyeda, Jai, Azura & the star organiser, Inas for making my b'day so special this year. Loly, Anaz & Yuz, wish you guys could have been there too...

I have no idea how to repay everyone for the lovely wishes, treats and prezzies I got. ~sniff~ must have been the best b'day I ever had in my life... Hopefully by next year, my Other Half would have been found, and the day would be even more meaningful... Thanks again, sayangs, for the lovely celebration. Mwwaaah... luv u all :-)