Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Woke up with a sore throat and cold, sugar level is way off the mark... Itu la, malam2 buta makan apple pie! dah kau tau apple pie tu manis kan...

Semalam balik kerja pi tengokkan anak kucing Ammar. Hari tu sebuk nak ambik, pastu tak reti nak jaga. Juju ok aje dengan Anis. Dah terpaksa memujuk dia makan. Rupanya Juju makan buas, dia tak kasi chan Mr T makan... sabar ajelah.

Balik2, kena memujuk di pengecut sekor tu pulak. Dah dia menyorok sana, menyorok sini... Silap la aku ambik kucing pengecut, kucing2 aku ganas2... Sigh. Pagi ni dah terlepas, menyorok dalam bilik stor pulak. Tau la bilik tu penuh dengan segala macam barang... Dah la takde lampu. Malam ni nak kena cari, masukkan dalam cage and paksa dia kawan dengan budak2 tu biar dia jangan pengecut sangat. Last resort, hantar balik.

Tengah stress gila ni, kerja banyak.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Feng Shui

Sempena Raya Cina ni... masuk pulak cerita feng shui, kan? Actually been feeling a little slow lately, and my bad habit of sleeping late isn't helping. Went back to Pump, but I may have overexerted myself a little... Still, I need to work on my horribly flabby body. Didn't notice it until I started shopping for clothes, la kan?

Anyway, when I reinstated the bed, I put the headboard against the outside wall because it seemed the most practical option. Unfortunately, I have been feeling unrested despite hours of sleep. So today I moved it against the inner wall, as it was before, when I was sleeping Japanese style. Took an afternoon nap and now I feel so much better... Wonder if there's any science in this feng shui thing because I did read somewhere about windows at yr head being bad for the personal chi. Or maybe it's just the flow is better when the window is on my side instead of at my head. Anyway, I think I'll keep this orientation since it's working well.

Moved the lights and now I have the standing light by the door, which is good. Senang nak pasang and matikan before tidur and going out. Discovered that with some juggling, I can create a pretty nice big space for solat. As long as I have that, I'm happy. Hope I don't become stupefied again... I'm enjoying some normalcy for once in my life!! Ya Allah, please protect me from stupidity and dishonor!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Silly Things That Drive Me Nuts

I hate being stumped. Dead ended. Blocked. Stuck.

One such an example: a jar of strawberry jam in the office pantry. I wasn't planning to eat it right away; I had had breakfast. I had no bread anyway. But one day I tried opening it and failed. So it became a problem and my obsession. For more than a week I have tried various things to open the stubborn jar, but the lid refused to budge.

I had submerged it in hot water, in the hopes of expanding the lid so that it would come off. I tried twisting it with rubber bands for extra grip (usually works). Did it until my hand hurt (RSI) and still the lid wouldn't budge. This morning I even borrowed a lighter and heated the lid; to no avail. I almost smashed the lid against the wall so that it would open - I was THAT frustrated.

Until the simplest solution presented itself - I took a knife and jimmied the lid. With a woosh, air was sucked into the jar, releasing the vacuum stranglehold on the lid. It opened at the slightest twist. Yeay!

Problem solved. The world is green again.... Such is my life.... I need a husband :P

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Addicted much?

In a strange turn of events, I actually watched an awards show spoken in a tongue I do not speak. All I understand are 'Sarang he" and "Gamsahabnida", homonim, abudje and Ojakgyo. But it was enough because my sister & I combined recognised a number of the stars, and the names of the dramas. The rest, such as the actual categories, we simply made up.

Example: Oh, this must be the best evil warlord category. Or the makcik2 category. Or bitchiest woman.

Despite the noise from my apartment courtyard where some event or other was taking place, I understood enough to enjoy the event. Joo Won cried a little when he made his acceptance speech. I have no idea why... I was chuffed to see Ojakgyo Brothers win quite a number of awards. I'm not sure what they were for, but as long as they win, I'm happy.

The Ojakgyo wins were:
Joo Won for one of the best dudes/ cutest guy? Hell, what do I know. There were 3 winners. Wish someone could explain it to me.

Uwee for (I assume) best female actress (there were 2 winners)

Mama Hwang for (we assume) best leading actress, senior category. Man, she's so pretty despite her age!

Guy who plays Hwang Tae Sik - donno why - guy who cries the most or more realistically?

Ryu Soo Young and Choi Jung Yoon - cutest couple? I love these guys...

Boy who plays Gun Suk - best child actor (male)

One lady won lots of bouquets - she could be the producer, director or scriptwriter. I have no clue. 

Strange. I won't even watch the Malaysian awards show, but I sit down for this? Pakai ilmu apa org Korea ni ek??