Thursday, December 24, 2009

Never Ending Story

As I'm gasping out the last of my write-ups, the next month's starting to come due. Urgh. Doesn't help that last night I forgot to pluck out my thumb-drive so I couldn't clean up my piece at home. Nak pergi ambik, dah lewat. So decided to come in early instead.

Since my sleep pattern pun dah gone bonkers already, I woke up at 4.30 a.m. and was in the office by six. Unfortunately tertinggal my tudung on the table, so had to ask my colleague if she could bring one for me. In the meantime - am wearing my red shawl. Mengarut betul.

Have been fine until I ingested my breakfast - 2nd half of Subway from last night. Started feeling sleepy right away. Darn it! Too heavy kot. I so don't need to go to sleep again!! Had some coffee - still not working. Haiya.. A walk usually helps, but I need to finish my work la! Adehh... Why did you think I came in so early???

Besok - wanna do my washing and clean up the new apartment. Can put up the curtains and start moving stuff already. Unfortunately will need to sort out my tons of papers and magazines this weekend. No point moving garbage, is there? Am looking forward to this. Have been so worn out, I haven't paid any attention to the poor house at all. Hopefully a smaller pad would be easier to take care of. Am letting go of the inherited junk. I need a new life :)

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Insane Obsessions

Was just looking at some discussions about benefits of mangosteen juice - including pericarp (the kulit). They were comparing ORAC values - oxidative whatever - and the numbers look scarily high to me. 21000 ppm? I don't even know what unit they use. Should we be ingesting something so potent? What if it backfires and start oxidising important organs and cell parts?

Sorry to my American friends, but many seem to be obsessed with statistics. A number of people are so obsessed the numbers that they forget to consider other factors such as optimal amounts, instead of excessive (perceived as impressive) numbers. Brings to mind certain stories about girls who go all out eating everything soya to avoid breast cancer and ended up getting exactly that because she ingested way too much of it. Most foods have a combination of phytochemicals and nutrients in it, which is why we should refrain from taking too much of anything.

And strangely, every so called 'new' diet discovery will be completely turned around in the next 2 years. First palm oil is bad, then other oils - containing trans-fat - is now bad. so basically we'll need to see who can survive the constant change in mind to find a consistently good choice - eg olive oil. Eggs - same thing. First it's good, then no good, then whites only, then whole eggs are better. Hello! Make up yr mind, please? Reason I take a lot of so called 'literature' and 'research findings' with a bucket of salt.

My personal take - do things in moderation. Raw food diet anyone?

Monday, December 21, 2009

I wish for...

... A nice cool bed to crash in
... darkened, air-con room
... sweet scents
... warm bubble bath
... but mainly, a nice place to crash in.
... oh ya. Work all done and a week off. So that I can crash. How nice!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Why is it that...

Why is it that some brands impress us more than others? Is it imaginary? Is it marketing? Why are some brands so much more popular than a competitor we feel is more deserving?

Take stationery. I don't know why I love Faber-Castell goods so much. There's so many different brands out there! I just bought a simple sharpener and I'm already in love with its nifty swivelling design and sharpening prowess. It's not advertised, but I know from experience that it won't break apart after a mere few weeks!

Then there's the coffee chain S***bucks. Personally, prefer CBTL. But for one, it's slightly more expensive, and there are less outlets. Look and feel, about the same. But CB stuff taste so much better, probably due to less sugar and better Dutch cocoa! But since SB is so much more agressive in its campaigning, so many people swear that it has the 'best' coffee. Hmm.. the power of marketing...

Or sometimes it's blatant manipulation. Had a smoke last night and couldn't resist the Sampoerna. Other than the lovely cengkih smell, they also put sugar on the filter! Geez, what a way to encourage poisoning your own body. At least it doesn't make me cough like whatever thing I confiscated from my Tai Kor all those years ago. Hmmm... should I get another dose of poison today? Sigh.. what does it mean when you start trying to kill yrself?

Friday, December 11, 2009


Selangor cuti, I pun cuti lah... So penat rasa macam nak tidor 5 hari 5 malam. Been pushing and pushing and pushing non stop sampai rasa macam dok tolak tembok batu - takde guna dah. Tak larat. Badan sakit2 and kepala sengal. Rasa macam otak ni dah bengkak dah kat dalam tu.

Took the day off, petang shopping sikit, balik rumah nak semayang Asar terus lena depan TV sampai ke Isya'. I donno what I'm doing in the office right now. Nak beli cat food, kedai tutup. Anak2 aku dah mogok taknak makan dry food. Satu hari dok melilau macam orang hilang akal. Pening. Would it be any better if I actually had another half? I doubt it.