Wednesday, March 07, 2012


Have been feeling a little down lately. Bambi escaped her cage and disappeared at Abang's. Spent hours pulling out the junk in the tiny under-the-stairs store room looking for her, but didn't find her. Assumed that she had left the house, but you just can't be sure. She really has a talent for hiding. Sigh. Hope she's all right, wherever she is...

Haven't got that much work done and have been feeling off for a bit. Blood sugar has been up despite upping my meds. Am aware that I need to hit the gym, but have been trying to catch up with work too. Between work, cat and kids, it was a bad time to get addicted to games again. I deleted the links. Ojakgyo is over, but haven't downloaded the few final episodes.

Made use of the yoga mat I bought recently. At least I got some basic movements going. Was huffing and puffing after a few basic push ups and crunches. So bad! Will need to do more workouts at home now that I've pared down my gym membership down to basics. At least I got a bit of savings there.

Had to go all the way to OU to pay my UMobile bill. Bills were sent to old house and I never got them, so line was barred when I failed to pay the January bill. Not a good thing to happen on a weekend, and it made me really unhappy not to be able to go online at home... On top of all the crap that was happening, it was too much. Still, had to pay cash 'coz I accidentally left credit card at home. And the online payment didn't work when I tried since yesterday.

Saturday, sent the bike for a checkup. It was fine on the way to the shop; on the way back, it sputtered and died just before the toll. One of the boys came, failed to fix the problem and went off to find a friend. They came, took my bike, and without a word, zoomed off with my handbag with my wallet, phone and keys inside. I walked back, thinking they were going to the apartment. Got anxious when I couldn't find them anywhere. Nasib baik K Ayu was home. Called the shop and they confirmed that my bike was there along with my things. Had to borrow K Ayu's car because my spare remote didn't work anymore. So annoying! They all said the boy memang 'sengal' sikit... He even left my stuff in the bakul, outside the shop unattended... Geez! Seb baik takde benda hilang.

Am stressed again pasal my projects are not progressing well and I need to get things sorted out before the regional workshop and conference in Brunei. Spent all day in a discussion w Mr Chai today, so nothing got done. Went home early, but what with sorting out the internet, TV and games, tgh malam baru boleh online.

Hope things get better soon, am so feeling unhappy and unbalanced at the moment.. :(