Thursday, September 03, 2015

Happy Holidays Day 4

Fast forward to day 4... We were in Lake District by this time. I'll get back to the other days in due time :)

We had breakfast at the picnic table just outside the hotel  before driving to Lake District. Just tuna, bread and coffee, nothing fancy. It didn't take very long to reach the Lakes area, we stopped by Windermere, then Dove Cottage and then Buttermere via the country roads.

Windermere is a pretty little lakeside village. We walked around and took photos until the parking meter ran out. We continued on to Dove Cottage.

Now Dove Cottage was the home of poet William Wordsworth. It wasn't his last home, but it was where many of his works were written. Basically a place of much inspiration to him. We took tons of photos of the plants outside, then followed a guided tour into the cottage. The cottage was actually quite small but at some points in time, they had up to 14 people living there! The kids stayed in a small, unheated room above the buttery which is the coldest part of the house. Poor kids! After the tour we took more photos in the upper garden, then went to the cafe next door for some sustenance.

In Dove Cafe I had my first ever Welsh rarebit. Note that it's rarebit, not rabbit. It's basically cheese melted on bread. The dish was  filling as it came with some couscous and salad. thought it was way too much cheese for one meal though. Had it with tea and that was enough to keep us full until evening.

We then drove around the countryside, stopping by now and then to take photos. I got a whole bunch of nice photos. I'm SO happy. I swear we saw a llama at one of the fields... I slept quite a lot because the way Graham drives makes me dizzy/ sleepy. But I woke up just in time to catch a picturesque stony stream along the road, with grazing fields and sheep on them.

Later we stopped at Honister Pass which had a slate mine and took photos of the view. we also walked along a path there until the drizzle turned into heavy rain. Then we sook refuge in the visitor centre and I bought a few souvenirs.

Further along, we stopped by Buttermere which was next to another lake. Passed by a lovely old chapel and followed ads for homemade ice-cream at a farm. Unfortunately the shop had already closed for the day... We went to the lake and stream and hung out there taking photos until it got too dark. Then we drove back to the hotel. Got there just about nine, a decent time to solat and make a simple dinner before going to bed.

End of Day 4.