Sunday, November 14, 2010

Making Choices

Been thinking of upgrading the bike the other day. Or the car... In the end, just spent money fixing both.

Changed the kapcai's wheel spokes (yang kuning rempit tuh) and rusty shock absorbers, plus problem brake. Looks much nicer now. Will try to give it a bath tonight to rid it of oily black handprints. Esok nak kena suruh diorang check the rattling noise from the back wheel. I rasa the chain guard is rubbing against the chains nih. WD40 pun kat ofis, the chain is so dry!! Kalau boleh suruh diorang tukar semua cover2 lampu yang dah buruk tu, semangat sikit nak pakai. If I can save a bit on petrol and parking, would be easier to save $$ for an apartment...

Then tadi nak beli either the boot cover or seat covers for the car. Dua2 takde kat Eneos. So just bought a tyre iron and jack to replace the ones I dumped. Boleh tak, drive as far as Merapoh without a basic emergency kit in the boot? Kot nya lah tayar pancit kat tengah hutan nun, hancus!! Got a steering cover and rearview mirror too, plus painted the ugly gearstick cover black. And a can of spray paint to touch up those ugly scratches on the front and back bumpers, The colour doesn't exactly match, tapi boleh la sementara nak hantar kedai for repainting... Nak upgrade, not a good time right now. So maybe just improve the decor, get my regular shop to check timing belt and investigate noisy idling, hopefully can make driving the old jalopy a little more pleasurable, tak segan kalau kawan2 tumpang... Kesian keta tu tak dibela betul2.

Yes, a new bike and/or car would be a treat, but right now, would be better to focus on saving up so that I can buy an apartment as planned. Bike's paid for, so would be stupid to rack up more debt to change that. Have recently applied for a 0-interest balance transfer for my credit card, so hopefully will be more financially independent in a year's time. Sigh.. sometimes I wish I had a fairy godmother...

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Antara Realiti dan Fantasi...

Kadangkala aku suka bermimpi... Mimpi-mimpi indah yang langsung tidak berpijak di bumi nyata. Ada kalanya aku lupa, siapa diriku sebenarnya. Malah sering aku keliru, antara fantasi dan realiti, mana satu hakikat diriku? Akan tiba satu ketika di mana aku terpaksa memilih, dan mengambil tindakan, supaya sekurang-kurangnya tak semua angan-anganku kosong semata...

Antara yang mungkin terjadi:
1. Jadi superbiker.
- OK, maybe not superbiker. Tayar jer dah lebih kurang harga keta buruk aku. But at least upgrade la kapcai rempit tu ke something yang lebih sesuai untuk saiz XXL aku ni. At least tak la segan parking depan ofis...
- First course of action - pi ambik lesen motor.

2. Beli apt/condo - If I EVER find something that is not super overpriced, insya-Allah.

3. Slim down.
- Been going to the gym and working out. Stamina dah much improved, joints tak sakit lagi. Very good, tapi weight & fat mass masih terlalu tinggi. Will need to control food intake and do more cardio to balance weight training and yoga.
- should remember that my preferred shape is long & lean, not tall and fat. Long & lean would also complement the hot bike.

So... sexy superbiker buys bike to celebrate losing weight? Fine. Just make sure you manage to keep this job. Not easy to find something you love so much :D