Monday, January 28, 2013

Bummed :(

It seems my grand plans for the apartment I want has met with a (hopefully) temporary setback... Groan!! Went to check my CCRISS in the pouring rain on Friday, and unfortunately found that my car payments have been lagging the whole of last year. Damn! that can't be good for the loan application...

NOW I wish banks sent out notifications for car loans. Why don't they, I wonder. My due date is the 20th and I usually pay after the 25th, thinking that I'm paying for the following month's installment. Guess I must have missed a payment somewhere and never made up for it. :( The last time I called the bank to find out, everything was A-OK. I even pay a little extra just in case there were any delays, and now it seems all my efforts were not enough.

Last year was a bit insane, work wise, and I was so stressed, hutang puasa pun aku tak bayar! Now baru terhegeh2 nak setel balik, hutang tahun lepas lagi nak buat... K Ayu quit her long-time job and it took her a long while to find even a temporary one, so I took on all the house bills and rent and groceries etc. Thought I can reduce stress once the new house is under way, guess I was wrong, huh?

I was so excited about moving to a new apartment, I even had everything planned out... Now it may never happen ;( Waaahhhh!!! Nak pindah!!! Sob sob!!

Guess the only consolation is that everything happens for a reason, and it may be for the best that this wish of mine was foiled. I still hope that we can work around the problem. Otherwise it will be yet another round of house hunting which I don't have the time for. Urgh. Hope the year gets better, this isn't very nice...

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Reliving Rivalries

I really need to rehome Toby... It's nice that a few people have expressed interest, but so far I haven't got a concrete commitment yet. Will need to advertise on KTAJ and Online Adoption House + Ellen Whyte.

Right now, the house is a virtual combat zone. I need to make sure Pikachu doesn't get near Toby, or else furs will fly!! Last night Toby got bored of being cooped in the room, so he ventured out. I caught Pikachu and put him inside to avoid a battle. This morning, he slipped out to eat and of course saw Toby. I barely managed to save Toby from the little terror! Then of course I got the brunt of his displeasure. Habis tangan aku kena kokak. Sigh... Dah la aku ni diabetic, kucing oi! Habis tangan kaki semua calar balar kalau Pikachu tengah mengamuk. The angel totally goes into Hellboy mode!

The other day I accidentally burnt the back of my wrist terkena iron panas. The skin sloughed off, so I had to protect the raw flesh with some protective film. This morning, he either bit or clawed the burn site and pierced right through the protective bandage. ADOOIII!!! Sakit siyot... The bandage is not cheap, but it's supposed to stay on for a few days without needing to be changed. Right now, I've changed the bandage a few times already due to all this nonsense. Sabar ajelah...

Am a bit worried about Toby, he seems quite lethargic compared to the other cats I've had so far. Maybe he tak cukup makan masa merayau kat parking lot dulu. But he can be picky about food, totally ignoring stuff he doesn't like. At least he likes the cheap food and eats loads of it. Another cost for me on top of neutering him next week...

Thank goodness Toby can hold his own in a fight and doesn't go hiding in the bloody storeroom like Nemo did! What a fiasco that was, with her falling 10 floors down and all. With Toby, I just need to make sure any wounds don't get infected and start another abscess.

Hope someone takes him in soon...The kitty litter is taking up my workspace and the idiots are all bunched up in the living room. Will have to hurry up and buy a proper home. I'm so tired of the noise in Permai.

Saturday, January 05, 2013


I've got a deep dark secret - I don't WANT to be a professional, not that I'm earning much money anyway... But I actually want to be a homemaker. With kids. Working part time for pocket money... But at this point in time, don't think it's gonna happen la kan... Shoot. I'm so crummy at work :(

Friday, January 04, 2013

Feeling Trippy..

Aaarrrrgghhh!! Am feeling so frustrated with work!! I really need to finish my meeting minutes but every other minute some other task pops into my brain and blows my concentration. In the end I'm like someone with 6 feet tripping all over myself trying to walk forward. Ugh!!

It helps that I bought that printer so that I can see things on paper if necessary. But it's not so easy to work at home with all the brats getting angry at each other and my room all smelly and in a mess thanks to having another foster at home... It doesn't take too long to dress up Toby's wound, but I end up spending hours giving him and all the other brats TLC. Sigh.

Then there's the house chores (other than ones done by cleaners), and extra cleaning, again, due to too many cats. Someone has been puking all over the place too, so even MORE cleaning. Heck, I'm not wasting time watching TV or Kimchi anymore, I've got KITS to worry about! Now that Toby is with me, Nemo and Comot have not been seen for more than a week, I wonder where they are.

There's no proper place to work at home, actually. The hall is too open and distracting and the room is just too crowded with no real working zone. Now there's no space left with the cats' cages and kitty litter there.

I have too much work overdue and if this continues I can't blame anyone for kicking me out. Heck, I would kick ME out if I was the boss!

Pah found a nice apartment going at a reasonable price, so hope it proves to be good so that we can go ahead and buy. There will be so much work after that too, with the EPF withdrawal, loan (maybe), renovations (minor, I hope), furniture, decorating, etc, etc, etc. But if it means having a place of our own, with a study where we can park all our books and magazines, and someplace I can actually DO WORK, it will be well worth the effort.

Hope things come together this year. Last year was nothing but a frustrating old bunch of bad moves. I really hope things get better this year, Amin....

Wednesday, January 02, 2013


It's already the new year and honestly, I don't feel very hopeful. I'm struggling to finish my work in between a gazillion distractions, both unintended and self-inflicted.

Hunting for a new home has proven to be quite a challenge, especially because I'm dealing with my dear brother, who can be terribly vague with details like how much is he willing to chip in and what price range we're looking at... I've looked at almost a dozen places and it's not so easy to find a place which has a nice layout, decent fittings and a reasonable price. I've tried doing this a couple years back and it stagnated because he didn't have the money from his apartment sale yet. Now the money has come in, he's being wishy washy about the choices. We need a family pow-wow, which can be a bit hard since K Ayu now works odd hours and on weekends. Thank God I've been logging the places I looked at so we can look at the details easier.

It doesn't help that my favourite option is a walk up apartment on the 3rd floor. I love the layout, I can visualise where things will be and what we'll need. the place is large, airy and sunny. I even talked to the locals and liked them...But the development has been neglected over the years and the residents have only just taken over the management, so there is much improvement that needs to be done. I suppose if my job is stable, I can easily apply for a housing loan. I wouldn't mind paying for it myself since I'm the one who likes it so much.

As it is, I'm really behind with work and I've not been very motivated lately. Trying to get work done in between house hunting and caring for delinquent cats is not easy. I also tend to give up and go home early instead of staying back like I used to do... Sigh.

Right now am caring for a beautiful silver tabby, which looks like an American shorthair. He's gorgeous, but he has been feral at the apartment for I don't know how long, and recently he developed an abscess on the head. The things has burst and a patch of skin has come off, leaving a big ugly hole of raw tissue exposed. The idiot keeps pulling off the bandages I put on it, so now I'm applying iodine at intervals to keep it from getting infected. I'm quite confident it will heal in no time, cats are resilient that way.

I had brought him to Abang's house last Saturday but managed to lose him. Duh!. Thankfully, cats know they have an ally in soft-hearted Mrs Lim and he stayed at her place the past few days. She's squeamish about wounds though, so I took him home to treat yesterday, which opens up another can of worms, of course.

My brats are understandably displeased with the presence of another fostered feline. And I have to either put up with transporting him to the loo, or having a litter tray in the room. This is the part I hate about bringing in fosters. And there is a risk of them latching on to me like Pikachu did, making him impossible to rehome. Should've known better, mackerel tabbies are terribly clingy and possessive of their humans...

Hope I manage to hold on to my job, and actually GROW instead of stagnating. 2012 was lacklustre, I really hope I can do better this year. amin.