Saturday, November 10, 2018

Stepping up

Just went for my follow up a few days ago and Dr Siti really was not pleased with my readings. Sigh.

Will need to step up and stop fooling around eating bad food. That said, the same night i missed dinner and ended up walloping large fries and Mc Chicken! Hehe...

Just discovered unsweetened Nescafe, which is a godsend... mana larat beli Starbucks wei... still struggling to kumpul duit ni. Projek lain belum jalan...

I don't  enjoy jabbing insulin, but no choice la. What to do?? At least I can adjust dosage according to my food intake. Nasib baik gomen bagi ubat free.

Now i need to increase exercise pulak. Maybe walk around the Landsite Operations while waiting for airport fare? Hahaha... have to be creative maa...

This morning's reading dah ok, 6.2. Hope I can keep it up. No more sweet drinks and desserts la. Huhu...

Monday, October 29, 2018

Everything comes at a price

At Klinik Kesihatan Kota Damansara. Delayed because i had to jab insulin, then eat breakfast before i left. Got here by 8.30 a.m. and I'm no 64. It was no 11 then. Went to fill petrol and came back. It was still at no 25. Now I'm trying to catch up with schedules and emails/ sms/ WhatsApp plus recording expenses while waiting.
If i learnt anything being self employed, it's to hustle because time is precious.
I'm considering to get an iPad instead of a new laptop so that i can work on the go...
I don't get many breaks though, unless it's an exceptionally slow day.
I hate having to wade through the public health system, but at one insulin pen per week, it's a pretty big financial burden for me. Hope i don't have to spend too long waiting today... i need to earn a living too :(
Update: got to register at 10. 15. MO checked blood pressure - 145/85. Much higher than usual. Stress menunggu and cannot work? Stress nak ter kenc tapi giliran dah dekat?
Sugar tinggi gila 3 hrs after breakfast.
I was then sent to take urine sample upstairs. Cannot tahan went to pee first.  Then they gave me a cup, i couldn't wee anymore. Facepalm! Now giving my system a few minutes to produce more wee.. lalalala.
In the end, got my meds just before noon. Went home to keep the insulin, had lunch, loaded washing machine, petang baru keluar. Thought about getting an iPad or tablet to work on while on the road. Kat rumah selalu conk out once i balik.
Went to OU and surveyed options. Asked Jonathan and he has one to sell also. Still trying to decide if I should buy. Would I actually be more productive? I'm afraid that it  would be a waste of  scarce funds...

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

Life as a Grab Driver

I've been driving Grab for about a week now, and I learned a few things along the way.

The first day was pretty nice, I started with a short trip sending someone from Flora to Damansara Perdana. Next I sent a pilot to KL Sentral. He was really nice and courteous - that was very pleasant. Then there were a few young students around KL. I sent a young couple to HKL because the girl had food poisoning; then a few Kedahans on a course in KL. Last I sent two Bangladeshis to Puncak Alam... They asked me to wait, but I went to pray Asar and Maghrib instead. Missed that fare, but no regrets.

Over the week, I've met complaining kids, very nice Malaysian students, someone who was late for his exam, etc etc etc.

And there were good and not so good days. Days when you constantly take wrong turns and get cancelled. Once I confused the 2 Pelangis and ended up where I was NOT supposed to be. Huge facepalm because 1) Pelangi Utama was just round the corner and 2) I HATE Pelangi Damansara's super high and thin illegal speed bumps that scrape the bottom of my Baby G...

Yesterday I took a few fares coming back from KL and went round the Bangsar jam a couple of times. Sometimes the pins were off. Sometimes people were somewhere far from their supposed locations (hate that); and sometimes Waze sends me round the world (supposed to be the "safe" route) and cost me my bookings. Sigh.

Also got stuck in a major crawl exiting Curve area and missed Asar although I started for home by 5.30 pm. I could have prayed in Mutiara Petronas but I was too focused on getting home that I forgot that option. A lot of face palms along the way...

One of the sweetest things was meeting someone going to KLIA2. KLIA2 is always welcome because it pays more. But this guy was also really nice and easy to talk to. It was nice being able to flirt for a bit. Man, I miss having a boyfriend. Sometimes I wish we could meet again, I think he would make a nice hang-out buddy, if not more ;)

Today wasn't so good, unfortunately. I was feeling off and I got cancelled so many times. There was this girl with a rather loud little boy. After going all the way out to Sentul, I decided to call it quits and headed home. Battery had gone flat and i had forgotten to bring my power bank along. Lucky the emergency cable was still in the car.

The money is not bad, but I need to get my 2nd part time work sorted out already. I need 2 part time jobs to make a decent living.

I'm quite worried because there are so many expenses coming up and the Zombie eats (and poops) too much. Lost my temper with Kak Ayu because she keeps saying she didn't have enough money even to pay a RM25 bill every 3 months. If you're not earning enough, find another job, for God's sake!! I can't keep paying for everything all the time. Man, sometimes I really wish I could hook up with a rich guy and get away from her. Except that I love the apartment so much more than she does :( Sigh.

Have spent more money sorting out the computer, buying insulin and more cat food... I'm haemorrhaging money OK!! Have been trying to minimize credit card use and any extra really bumps up the balance. Ugh. I also got a number of social meets and volunteer slots lined up so I won't be able to work or drive much...

I need to make things right again.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

A New Life

After 7 years in GEC, I'm now back to freelancing...

I was supposed to finish some articles and start looking at some part-time work; but instead I've spent DAYS running around to organise the Sukaneka and more days getting Abah's laptop up to scratch. Kak Ayu has been using the machine, but have not got it organised nor updated Windows. The battery was damaged and had to be replaced... My netbook is seriously dying, as is my external monitor which got peed on by the cats. Bloody cats! Why do I even keep them anyway?? Anyway, I can't buy a new laptop until I sort out some kind of an income to live on ASAP.

Also spent HOURS getting the Lightroom set up and properly synced. There were 2 catalogs which needed to be merged and synced on the 2 machines. It's still a bit wonky because I need to reset the file locations. Right now, all RAW images are on Hard Drive because Abah's laptop doesn't have sufficient space and I'm hoping to get my own machine soon.

Only just managed to find my previous company registrations, have not called or emailed SSM to clarify some things. Finally changed my Unifi autopay details, but I still need to call TM to make sure they don't charge me twice for payment.

Still haven't done my mini projects or checked out my planned part-time stuff either. Sigh. Have been spending cash at an alarming rate, buying household stuff and food. Tried to work last night but of course didn't get much done. I HAVE to get cracking now. Wish me luck!!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Second Wave

After more than 4 years in this apartment, I'm starting to get new ideas for redecorating. Ironically, the ideas came in the OFFICE, where I should have been WORKING after my long break. I did not have many work ideas at home. Some, but not many, 

Thus far, I have procured a folding table for the work space and rearranged the hall slightly to make it more compact. Strangely, grouping the work table close to the sofa makes the space cozier and more conducive to working. A bulb died on the chandelier, though; and it's too dim anyway. I'll replace the bulbs with  brighter ones soon, insya Allah.

I was actually very concerned that I didn't have a space where I could work productively at home. With the office internet being so slow and jamming every time I visit a not-so-work-related site; it would be nice if I can catch up at home. It would be good for productivity because I'm often so tense and distracted in the office that nothing gets done. On the other hand, there are people to moan to, and get ideas from there.

The folding table is holding it's own. It's a bit shaky, but that's not a big deal as I only have a laptop and maybe a few books/papers to put on it. Plus a drink or two. The most important thing is that it can easily be stowed away when not in use. I want SPACE in the small working/ reading room. It can be a guest room as well, now that there is space to put the folding mattress. The fan can be easily placed on the floor, no problem.

I've had some ideas for jazzing up the bathroom. I'll need to make some measurements and scout for possible materials before anything can be done. I need cold hard cash too, something that is sorely missing right now. It can be done later, but perhaps before the year end.

Right now, it's WAYYYY past my bedtime and my eyes are feeling uncomfortable. I need to pray and fly to la-la-land ASAP. G'night folks!!