Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Second Wave

After more than 4 years in this apartment, I'm starting to get new ideas for redecorating. Ironically, the ideas came in the OFFICE, where I should have been WORKING after my long break. I did not have many work ideas at home. Some, but not many, 

Thus far, I have procured a folding table for the work space and rearranged the hall slightly to make it more compact. Strangely, grouping the work table close to the sofa makes the space cozier and more conducive to working. A bulb died on the chandelier, though; and it's too dim anyway. I'll replace the bulbs with  brighter ones soon, insya Allah.

I was actually very concerned that I didn't have a space where I could work productively at home. With the office internet being so slow and jamming every time I visit a not-so-work-related site; it would be nice if I can catch up at home. It would be good for productivity because I'm often so tense and distracted in the office that nothing gets done. On the other hand, there are people to moan to, and get ideas from there.

The folding table is holding it's own. It's a bit shaky, but that's not a big deal as I only have a laptop and maybe a few books/papers to put on it. Plus a drink or two. The most important thing is that it can easily be stowed away when not in use. I want SPACE in the small working/ reading room. It can be a guest room as well, now that there is space to put the folding mattress. The fan can be easily placed on the floor, no problem.

I've had some ideas for jazzing up the bathroom. I'll need to make some measurements and scout for possible materials before anything can be done. I need cold hard cash too, something that is sorely missing right now. It can be done later, but perhaps before the year end.

Right now, it's WAYYYY past my bedtime and my eyes are feeling uncomfortable. I need to pray and fly to la-la-land ASAP. G'night folks!!

Wednesday, May 02, 2018

Demam PRU

Tengah kecoh2 nak mengundi ni, tengok2 calon kawasan sampai 4 orang... how to check their credibility la??? I really need to know who I will be voting for. Vote good people, not parties.

Anyway, Last week I saw an article that said BN was always bad, I could not bring myself to agree. I remember that I was once quite happy with BN's government. They ran things well. Our government still runs pretty well, despite the stupid scandals and corruption that is going on. We are still quite solid, although we are getting shakier by the minute. THAT is why we need a change. We cannot go on allowing mismanagement and theft to continue. We are at the losing end.

The price of goods are soaring like never before. Maybe the rich can say that cost of living in Malaysia is low; but for local Malaysians who do not earn much to start with, it's painful! I don't really mind paying GST, but right now, I don't see how it is benefiting us. Department budgets are being slashed. Hospital budgets, medicine, etc. etc. semua kena potong. So where has the massive collection of GST money gone to??? Takkan habis bagi kat BR1M kot?

I'm not sure where the money for MRT is coming from, but at least that is one real good step in the right direction. We should have developed our public train system ages ago. I hope the funding didn't put us in too much debt though. While I'm all for development and modern amenities, I do feel that development should not be funded only through loans and more loans. I don't want us to be saddled with debt forever. I don't want us to become like Greece or Spain... We need to strike a balance.

Right now, we need sensible leaders who will steer us in the right direction and implement prudent checks and balances that will keep us on a healthy growth track. Keep good people and kick out the rotten apples. Enough of hot air and racial sentiments already. No more racism, please. We need to be practical and realistic.  Malaysians need to unite and move forward. Let's go for it. MALAYSIA BOLEH!!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Burying the dead...

Just came back from burying Little Kopi. I buried him by the river, behind the office.

A few weeks back, we saw that his eyes were badly infected and he had boils in many places. I wanted to take him to the vet, but i was already running late and I didn't have a cage handy. I knew from experience that he sometimes bites, so I didn't want to risk moving him without a restraining cage.

However it proved hard to find him in the coming weeks. i was ridden with guilt, thinking that he must have died alone, in pain and hungry. Suddenly he reappeared yesterday and I seized the chance to bring him to the vet.

Took him to Healing Pets and they diagnosed him with Cryotococcus infection, something almost as bad as sporo and possibly linked to FIV. It was like Jack's problem. I decided to put him to sleep. I was dry eyed this time. It's not the most heroic thing to do, but under the circumstances, it was the most practical option. I don't have the money or time to nurse a critically ill cat, while trying to keep him safe from my brats, and also keeping my brats safe from whatever he had.

At the end of the day, Allah knows best. RIP Little Kopi... I love you...

Friday, April 13, 2018

Pening kepala...

Maybe it's a norm for some people, but not me. Although I carry around a pack of Uphamol 650's, I seldom eat them.

Woke up with a dull headache this morning and it just carried on throughout the day... Sigh. Plus my boss dah masuk hari ni and I have a million things half done. URGGGHHHHHHH...

Kept dozing on and off around noon and crawling along the rest of the time. At 3 pm I had a bit of bran with milk + coffee, hilang kejap sakit kepala. Errmmm... was it caffeine withdrawal? I don't take THAT much coffee every day...

Or was it sleep deprivation again? Been sleeping rather late because for some stupid reason kept postponing until I shower at 1 a.m. and terhegeh2 nak semayang at 2 a.m. Last night tergolek tidur atas lantai lepas semayang... With the lights on. Which means I tak lena tidur. Again. Adoiii...

Maybe tonight I should have an early dinner outside, balik solat and tidur awal. No games. Esok awal2 nak breakfast with the girls and pergi shoot dekat FRIM.. After that should go home and sleep lah. And kemas my study before the cats rip my papers to shreds. Ouch.

Or look for Little Kopi and take him to the vet. He desperately needs help tapi dah berapa hari tak nampak si kecik tu :( 

Monday, April 09, 2018

Lost and Not Found

Have been rather distressed the past few weeks because some things went missing and never resurfaced :(

One was my small bunch of office keys. At least I didn't lose ALL of them! I remember using it to get stuff before the Bera trip. Can't remember using it after we came back because I left early most of the time. Have been hunting for it high and low to no avail :(

Then it was the small metal plate that goes on my handphone. I cut it from the old phone and used UHU glue to attach it to the new phone. Unfortunately the glue didn't hold and I had a hard time keeping the phone on the holder on the way to Frasers. Somewhere along the way, the disc disappeared and has not been found at press time. Today I tested one of the magnetic strips I got in Korea and that worked OK, so I'm using it for the time being.

Last night I found Little Kopi on the steps with broken eyeballs and abscesses all over. I went in to keep my food and forgot all about him. Felt guilty in the morning and wanted to take him to the vet. Then I realised that someone had borrowed the pink cage and never returned it. I brought the black cage but couldn't find him anywhere... The least I could do it to get him some medical attention instead of letting him suffer like that. Will try to find him again tonight, insya Allah.

I need to catch up with work but I had some indigestion which made me unnaturally sleepy this morning. Hope I can get SOME things done in the afternoon...