Friday, November 03, 2017

To oil, or not to oil... that is the question.

Attended Karen's YL party last weekend and got QUITE interested in a few oils/ oil blends. Considered signing up as a member so that I can buy the oils at a better price. Compare that to buying via Sali or Karen.

One big issue I have is the price. As with any other MLM product, the prices are QUITE inflated. A lot. But I did feel some difference to my well being after trying out the oils. Last night diffused Peppermint + Lavender + Grapefruit and I think it helped my sinuses a bit.

I was ding-donging between getting the Basic Plus Starter Kit or Premium Kit; price difference is RM400, more or less. Of course the Premium kit comes with 5ml bottles of stuff instead of 1ml samples. But still, Rm750 is a lot of money to spend on oils...

The thing I like about YL is that it's therapeutic grade. Nice to know where I can get them if necessary. But do I NEED therapeutic grade all the time? I don't think so. There ARE a few blends that I'm interested in, but they're of course EXPENSIVE. VERY THE expensive, ok?

I have been getting stuff from Soap Artisan and I think the quality is not so bad. But it's not for therapy lah. As the name implies, the shop specialises in making soaps and skincare stuff.

In the end, I decided to buy a few things from SA online. Can just go pick it up in One U later. Got Frankincense, lavender and 100ml Eucaplyptus for only RM126.40. Huge difference. I think this will do for the time being. If I need therapeutic grade, I know where to buy them.

I'm considering the idea of making homemade beauty products for sale too... See la. Might help to boost my nest egg. God knows I need to save up!!!

Monday, October 30, 2017

Pushing it..

Yesterday managed to drag myself to the gym again. Forgot to bring the lock, but got lucky this time. Managed to skip rope 50x right foot first and 25x left foot first. Itu pun dah mengah. Hopeless betul! :P

Cycled 20 minutes at Level 2 - 50 calories and brisk walked for about 15 minutes - 60 calories. Jogged the last one minute, that also dah macam nak mati. Teruk kan?

Balik singgah Jaya Grocer and terjebak beli pisang goreng Rm2. Dalam kereta, belum sampai rumah dah habis! Had chips for pre-lunch because I went online. Later made some spaghetti bolognaise because the mince chicken had already been defrosted for almost 2 days and I didn't want it to spoil... Wanted to make mihun goreng to use up the taugeh but found leftover nasi goreng and telur rebus so ate that instead. Plus 2 Korean fried chicken wings. Nice dinner :D

Will have to do the mihun tonight because I don't want the taugeh and kucai to spoil. Hrmph. I should just stop buying random food because I keep having to cook stuff just to prevent wastage! As it is, I still have a lot of salsa, sambal belacan and kimchi on standby. I might freeze the leftover spaghetti sauce tonight and live on bihun for the next 3 days. LOL. After that I can just get creative with the Vietnamese rice paper instead of cooking more rice.

I'm hoping to get more active in the future. If I can at least get to the gym; I would be one tiny step up from zero... 

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


It's one of those days when you feel like ripping off your bloody tight bra and throwing it into the garbage can. Of course losing weight is a more cost-effective solution, but hell, that takes too much time.

I just spent half a day messing with a simple newsletter email blast because the fucking system is so goddamned convoluted. How I miss the days when I can just attach the document, write 2 sentences and blast it off in ten minutes. I need to revisit this issue with my IT provider. There MUST be a better solution that monkeying around with MailChimp. Even the NAME sounds unprofessional. I HATE it.

I still have a bunch of half-baked drafts to edit and last month's timesheet to complete. I attended a webinar last night and I need to submit a report about it. The recordings are in the other computer, which I thankfully brought along to the office, just in case.

I still need to decide whether I want to step up or ship out before i get kicked out from the office. My Canon charger STILL has not arrived. Dear Lord, what kind of super snail mail did the guy put my charger on? And he conveniently lost the receipt, huh? If it wasn't so far, I'd go to Sokcho and strangle the guy.

Made quiche and salsa this morning, tapaued the leftover salad for lunch along with 2 boiled eggs. Logically, I can eat ramen with kimchi and boiled egg and a portion of salad on the side. But my chili addict self can't stop thinking about the salsa. Sigh. I should have brought some for snacks.

LOL. Whenever I feel low, food always make me feel better. :D Ciao!!

Monday, October 23, 2017

Saying Goodbye

Today I sadly deleted all my computer games except for the Jigsaw Puzzle and White Lady. They have been fun and also helped me think and strategize; but I tend to get carried away and spend DAYS lost in virtual reality. Time better used for working, reading or honing up my other skills. It wasn't an easy decision, but I really need to spend my time more wisely from now on...

On Saturday I got pretty mad at myself as well as my sister. Chalk it down to being "HANGRY". I was supposed to get up early and hit the gym before sending the car for a wash. I could then sort out laundry and other house chores in the afternoon. Sunday was supposed to be for catching up with work.

Instead I lolled in bed before getting up to make breakfast. On the way to sort out my messy piles of documents, I unloaded my laptop bag and started playing "Crimson Hollow". BAD MISTAKE. I played until I solved the game, then fooled around with the extras. Then I played this and that until evening. I didn't pray the whole day and even missed arwah Mak Ngah's tahlil in Kampung Pandan.

It was late before I dragged myself to the kitchen to look for food. Kak Ayu said she was going to roast the chicken I had bought the night before, but I found it stuffed back into the fridge. I didn't have anything to eat since breakfast and I was really disappointed that I couldn't even get ONE meal prepared for me. After all, I spent time and money buying food enough for the both of us; can't you even COOK the damned food so that I could eat???? I was so mad that I kicked the crisper that was sticking out and broke the front. Ugh.

I roasted the chicken thighs and ate it all up myself. Then I made chicken soup and shared bits with the cats. The rice i cooked the night before had spoilt so i had to throw away quite a lot. So was the hummus I brought back from office. It was already borderline and 2 hours on the counter totally screwed it. At this point I was in danger of smashing her head in with a frying pan or sticking a knife in her. Nasib baik dia dah blah pergi "kerja". Hrmph. Kerja. Dapat duit, simpan and joli aja. Nothing to contribute to me.

Fucking sister did not wash the pots and plates in the sink, maybe she's afraid of doing actual work. So I eventually cleared the dry dishes and took care of the dirty ones. There weren't that many, actually; they were just piled haphazardly. That really scares the bejesus out of the fucking stupid scaredycat. AND she took down the clean recycleables instead of the garbage that was starting to stink and a go maggoty. Talk about priorities!!

Somehow forced myself to wash a batch of clothes and mopped the house. Also bit the bullet and put anti-flea stuff on all four cats myself. They seem to appreciate it, all somehow hung out in my room last night. Took the iron and finally ironed my khakis so that I can wear them to work. Also ironed the quilt cover - on the bed because it was too big for my ironing board.

Sunday, miraculously woke up earlier and could bring myself to the gym. Halfheartedly skipped rope and 'cycled' for half and hour while watching Despicable Me on mute. I was on Level 1 and burned all of 92 calories, I kid you not. Call it reintroduction... I'm totally out of shape :P

Stopped by Jaya Grocer for a few things and ended up with a large pile of stuff. Hrmphh.. biasa la kan... Got the car washed before I got home. It was really dirty from all the hands that touched it in Frasers Hill the other day. I also found half eaten slices of chinese pear on my windshield after gym; not sure if it was from the gym or the apartment. Some people seem to hate my car. I've found scratches, drops of iodine and other rubbish on it, especially if I'm not around for a while. It baffles me WHY they such a problem with my transport.

Had lunch at the mamak and inspired by my cronies, bought eggplants and stuff from the nearby grocer to make sambal belacan later. Haha... I was already feeling better since SOME things have been taken care of.

Came home and someone reti pulak masak nasi and sayur. No protein though. Seriously, is it SO HARD to cook 2 dishes instead of just one stupid fried veg? The crisper had been haphazardly taped with masking tape. Right. Can't you even do a proper job fixing that? I would have used electrical tape, but of course she had no clue there was some in the house, right? All she knows is what TV show is on and what they're all about. Aku pecahkan TV tu karang...

Under the crisper and below the fridge door was some disgusting stuff which was never cleaned. I would have cleaned them up if I found them while taking care of the crisper. But I had no time then, will have to do it another time.

I cut off the legs from my old Gap jeans so that I would not take them out again. (They were patched in the middle and had a rip above the knees. Fabric dah reput :P).  I cut off the sleeves from the Cotton On shirt which never suited me anyway. Together, they were very comfortable to wear at home. After Asar I ironed a pile of things. Actually the steam iron really helps, I should take care of ironing more often. Found a pile of tudungs and stuff in
my neglected ironing basket.

Sometime in between, I prepared the kobis and made a new batch of kimchi. Sauce was leftovers from the previous batch actually. Put in cencaluk but since I tak suka the smell, I don't think I will use them for future batches la. Since I love fresh kimchi, had that with rice plus leftover chicken soup. Alhamdulillah... kenyang!

After watching some TV, I conked out early and woke up around 4 for isyak, then tidur and missed subuh. Adoiiiiiii!!

Monday already :( Ok. Nak pergi lunch. Babai.

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Crunch time

It's Thursday before we leave for PD and no sign of the charger yet. So sad!!! I seriously can't afford to fork out money for another charger ok? WHY oh WHY did the bloody guy send it through surface mail??? Bodoh kan? He could have sent it through EMS, at least it would only take a couple of weeks. Ni dah SEBULAN tak sampai-sampai lagi. And he had the nerve to complain I didn't give him a tip. Oh I'm SO frustrated right now!

Work pun tersangkut lagi. Benda yang dah nak siap sangkut, and now I have to go mengorek data lagi. Draft hari tu pun tak settle lagi... So many things pending and they are all snowballing. Sat lagi aku yang mati dalam avalanche. Sigh. Benci ah.

I need to pack and wash/iron stuff for tomorrow's even/trip tonight... At least Kak Ayu helped mop the front entrance and discovered that our shoe rack can extend... LOL. Bila aku mintak duit, tiba2 jadi rajin eh? Cheh.

I really can't decide if I should insist she pays for stuff. My pocket money pun more than her salary kan. But then, I spend A LOT for the house. At least RM500-600 including cat food/meds, our food, electricity and internet. That's almost half of my pocket money, and I still have to pay for petrol and breakfast/lunch out of that allocation. A chunk of my credit card charges are for household goods, insurance, etc. She does pay for maintenance, but really, RM50 is not that much, right? She should have just cut the fucking ASTRO instead of continuing to subscribe. Hypp TV dah ada, and we shouldn't spend so much time watching TV either. Dari dia bayar ASTRO, baik dia bayar kat I...

What if I drop down dead, lose my job or migrate to another country? Right now she can't even be bothered to find a better job because she has enough for fast food and nonsense while I pay for everything else.

Do you think it's fair to me? Should I just accept it and be thankful that I earn more money? Shouldn't she make an effort to improve her finances? It would be good for her too, right? Sampai bila dia nak I tanggung dia?