Friday, April 13, 2018

Pening kepala...

Maybe it's a norm for some people, but not me. Although I carry around a pack of Uphamol 650's, I seldom eat them.

Woke up with a dull headache this morning and it just carried on throughout the day... Sigh. Plus my boss dah masuk hari ni and I have a million things half done. URGGGHHHHHHH...

Kept dozing on and off around noon and crawling along the rest of the time. At 3 pm I had a bit of bran with milk + coffee, hilang kejap sakit kepala. Errmmm... was it caffeine withdrawal? I don't take THAT much coffee every day...

Or was it sleep deprivation again? Been sleeping rather late because for some stupid reason kept postponing until I shower at 1 a.m. and terhegeh2 nak semayang at 2 a.m. Last night tergolek tidur atas lantai lepas semayang... With the lights on. Which means I tak lena tidur. Again. Adoiii...

Maybe tonight I should have an early dinner outside, balik solat and tidur awal. No games. Esok awal2 nak breakfast with the girls and pergi shoot dekat FRIM.. After that should go home and sleep lah. And kemas my study before the cats rip my papers to shreds. Ouch.

Or look for Little Kopi and take him to the vet. He desperately needs help tapi dah berapa hari tak nampak si kecik tu :( 

Monday, April 09, 2018

Lost and Not Found

Have been rather distressed the past few weeks because some things went missing and never resurfaced :(

One was my small bunch of office keys. At least I didn't lose ALL of them! I remember using it to get stuff before the Bera trip. Can't remember using it after we came back because I left early most of the time. Have been hunting for it high and low to no avail :(

Then it was the small metal plate that goes on my handphone. I cut it from the old phone and used UHU glue to attach it to the new phone. Unfortunately the glue didn't hold and I had a hard time keeping the phone on the holder on the way to Frasers. Somewhere along the way, the disc disappeared and has not been found at press time. Today I tested one of the magnetic strips I got in Korea and that worked OK, so I'm using it for the time being.

Last night I found Little Kopi on the steps with broken eyeballs and abscesses all over. I went in to keep my food and forgot all about him. Felt guilty in the morning and wanted to take him to the vet. Then I realised that someone had borrowed the pink cage and never returned it. I brought the black cage but couldn't find him anywhere... The least I could do it to get him some medical attention instead of letting him suffer like that. Will try to find him again tonight, insya Allah.

I need to catch up with work but I had some indigestion which made me unnaturally sleepy this morning. Hope I can get SOME things done in the afternoon...

Monday, April 02, 2018

Post Bird Race 2018

Went for Bird Race again this year, saja suka-suka ikut Mr Phang and my 'uncles' gang. The 3 of them, Mr Phang, Tan Dek and Dr Karim formed one team and I registered for the Bird Photography contest. I felt a bit awkward if I joined the team because I would force someone out of the trio. It was good also because this year Bird Racers weren't allowed to drive around!! Photographers can. Hehe...

No luck in winning anything, though. The uncles suspect that they had been placed in the "Advanced" category and my photos were pretty lousy... I was so kan cheong trying to download the photos that I forgot the good shots and submitted the not so good ones. Oh well... Can always use them for NTTL ;)

I realised too late that I forgot to bring the SD card reader and the one on the netbook didn't work.  Nasib baik Mr Lee found me one I could borrow. I really should get the card reader fixed, it went dead after Bernard changed the motherboard last year. Sigh. So maa fan!

It felt really weird going to office this morning.... I wish I could stay home and sort out my super messy room right now. And have a closer look at my photos, of course. Life turns upside down if I'm away too much :(

We stayed in Sri Berkat because the uncles wanted it. It was much more expensive than staying in Silverpark, but our room was superb!! I got an upstairs suite right at the end. It had windows on three sides!! It was as good as Jelai for bedroom birding.  I loved it. I went up on Friday afternoon, Sali came up on Saturday.  She had to entertain herself for much of Sunday, but Hui Min was around, so ada gak kawan....

Going round shooting all day was a bit of a challenge, especially carrying the heavy gear. I'm SOO glad I bought myself a fast SD card and monopod just before leaving. The monopod is so much more portable and easier to adjust. While going round, we got a Large Hawk Cuckoo at close range. Too bad the shots were shaky. I saw a long-tailed broadbill, but didn't manage to shoot it... Lifer!! Got the pygmy wren babbler too. My green magpies were very grainy because ISO was 3200. Sigh. Will need to learn to fix that. And next time I go up, I should do Telekom loop instead of staying at the usual route. Tan Dek had it worse with walking around all day. He has told Mr Phang that it would be his last Bird Race.

This year got a little awkward because I had gone down to Jeriau with Roto. It rained so we headed back up. Then we had the cakes I tapaued from Secret Recipe earlier. Then I somehow got linked with the Taman Negara Boys... Erm... excuse me? I don't even know their real names, for God's sake. it was kind of awkward because we kept bumping into each other. It IS a pretty small hill kan... His team included his brother and a Datuk whose name I didn't know. Plus team II from Tmn Negara. Seriously, I didn't get their names, even. And the last thing I need is another pointless non-relationship. Now I start rindu my anak ikan again... Hisk!

Ok, time to get back to work... Need to head up the hill again soon. FH... Saranghae!!

Monday, March 05, 2018

To push, or not to push...

Last week, someone snapped at me for pushing him to do something. It was quite unexpected and rather annoying, to say the least. It feels like a dog has bitten his friend. Not nice at all.

Spent the last weekend sitting in front of the computer, forcing myself to find some usable shots to submit for a photo exhibition. Now my sifu is asking for more powerful shots on the subject... Adoi... Do I HAVE any more usable shots? I know I don't have many wow shots on this subject.

Hmm. Do I WANT to spend the night poring over photos again?? CAN I come up with something fantastic? I don't know.... Should I keep pushing? 

Friday, February 02, 2018

The Date Trap

We all take a chance every now and then.

Last week I befriended a stranger on FB. We talked for 2 days and then decided to meet up. Despite some misgivings, I thought it would be best to meet and see if we could click. We didn't.

I never had such a horrendous date, ever. We were supposed to have dinner, and maybe a movie later. Somehow I ended up buying movie tickets and the guy got some snacks.

Never in my life, had I thought that anyone could make my jobless, liar ex-boyfriend look good in comparison. This guy did. Amazing.

I should have figured from the very beginning that this guy was just looking for trouble. Some people should never be given the benefit of the doubt. I guess I was hoping that he wasn't really a big douchebag and I think he was hoping I wasn't really a square nerd. We were both wrong.

Only Hugh Jackman kept me in the cinema; I quickly ignored the guy after he got mad that I refused to cozy up to him and bodily removed his hand from my thigh. Needless to say, we never spoke after that utterly offensive date.

I have been quite zen about the stupid episode, after all, the "relationship" lasted all of three days.

But deep down, there is a sense of disappointment. I thought that MAYBE, I would finally find my halal travel buddy. Someone who got my back. Someone my dad won't reject. Someone I could really share a life with.

So I'm back to zero. Still, I am utterly thankful that I do have many real friends in my life. Maybe someday I'll find that significant other I am looking for. The one that I will have no qualms cozying up to and more.

Maybe it's third time lucky. Maybe the next guy will be the real deal. Maybe. Insya Allah...