Saturday, May 11, 2013

Seeking comfort

Am sitting in A&W, wallopinig a gazillion calories in the form of my favourite waffles and a huge double scoop tankard of root beer. Needless to say, this is not a common occurrence. I normally shun the sweet drink, but today, the float is going down pretty smooth...

And why am I risking life and limb ingesting so much bad food? Because I was feeling a little bummed and sought a little comfort from food... Why again?? Sigh...

Was supposed to have Korean with Sali, and I could claim my money too.

Korean lunch was postponed and I dragged myself to a doctor's appt, just to find that the place was closed. What the..???? Check my appt card and discovered that the kindly old auntie had booked me for YESTERDAY afternoon. Urgh... Why??? I just did my labs at 11 a.m. and there was no way the results could have been ready by 2. This is so frustrating.... Added to a list of existing frustrations.

Found that I could not get a housing loan due to several technical issues. But we do have enough money combined in EPF to pay for it cash. BUT, we'll need to pay 20% deposit, so we're scambling to get THAT sorted out. In the meantime...

Abah borrowed my car last week, because his was in the workshop. Then I borrowed Busu's spare Iswara. Glad I did, because I only got my car back yesterday. That car is fine, but I still had to do a minor repair coz something broke off. Now, instead of going home to rest, I'll have to go send Busu's car home.

As for MY jalopy, it reeked of Abah's awful daun pandan smell and there's a strange twanging sound coming from God knows where. Bloody annoying.

Then, the silly tap which has been dripping all this while got a whole lot worse, and the whole top came off. But I can't change the thing because the last plumber cemented the old pipe to the wall, and I don't have the tools to open it up. So now, I need to arrange for the plumber to come in between everything else.

Plus, Dr Kali liked my video so much, he asked me to do another one for Penang... It's still half done, as is a million other things on my plate.

K Ayu still hasn't paid me anything, so I could just save some money when Abah practically demanded I give him as much as possible to pay for his car repairs. As if!! Lucky Abang coughed up the dough, it's just too much to dig out the pittance I managed to put away these few months, ok... Standard Two kids have more saved than me.

I wanted to talk to Inas last week, but I fell asleep and she ended up alone in the restaurant for a full hour. She's understandably pissed with me, but I just don't have the energy to grovel for forgiveness. So yr mom is sick? Well mine was too. Deal with it.

Graham can't be bothered to write lately, so it's even more depressing being single. At least when he was around I could whine to him.

My addiction to games and Korean drama is not helping. Plus weekend work, which I'm forced to do tomorrow. urgh. Hate this nonsense.