Sunday, July 29, 2012

Plans, plans, plans...

I'm  making a new resolution to be more positive and look forward instead of moaning all the time...

Just came back from FOS where I bought 1 pair of slacks for work, 1 seluar tidur and 2 casual tops for only RM101.20. Paid quite a bit for the bottoms, but I figure they're well worth the money. Saw some clothes which would be great for going round London/UK.

Am tightening the belt now, trying to pay off credit card AND save for my trip to see Uncle Bean. Hoping I can save enough to go go by spring, exploring workaway option so that I can stay for about a week in the Yorkshire Dales. Should be fun... :D

Oops.. was supposed to pay bills and stuff, not blog. hmm.. laters then. Ciao!!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Not Meant To Be..

Some things are just not meant to be. Registered for the Shape Night Run a couple months ago, but had to stop going to the gym due to work overload. Rugi tau, pay so much every month. The last I trained was in mid-May.

Was going to take part anyway, but last week totally forgot to pick up my race kit on Saturday. Sunday early morning dah push off to Kuantan... Emailed them mintak simpankan my kit, but had no response until late Thursday; which I did not see because the internet connection was so iffy at the hotel. Slept late because I stupidly removed the screw from my specs and had trouble putting in back in. I literally had a screw loose!! Drove home with a pin in my specs, ok. Not good.

Friday was driving home day, and by the time I went into the office I was so tired I didn't check my personal email. Today I was pretty off too. Actually tried to puasa ganti with no sahur and no Diamicron MR. Good luck with that! Lolled on the bed for a good half of the day until I decided I could not loll on the bed all day and went to eat/drink something. Anyway, good thing I bailed because for some strange reason my period came on early. Geez. Could have saved myself the trouble, right?

Ended up doing a bunch of useless stuff and only got online at night. Had to pay off my outstanding first so that the connection won't be jammed. i really need to fix the autobilling soon.

Anyway, it was late at night when I opened my personal email and saw the message that they would keep the kit and I could pick it up today itself. AARRGGGHHH... I really should have checked my mail earlier. But then I was so tired... I did, however ask Zainab to keep one set for me.

In any case, am I in any shape to run 5 km? With no training? Not even yoga for the past 2 months... Seriously, I like my job, but it takes up so much of my time!!I wish I could work faster so I could have a more balanced life. I haven't even watched Love Rain properly and have barely touched my Korean books. Luckily have managed to spend some time birding, so I did do something I like instead of working all the time. Even now I feel guilty for wanting to watch a movie or a drama instead of working.... Sigh.

I do enjoy travelling, but sometimes I do wish someone would accompany me, or that I had someone to come home to.... Watching Downton Abbey, I cried to see Mary pray for Mr Crawley's safety, and Anna's devotion to Mr Bates. I so understand how we pray for the men we love, even if they refuse to love us back, or just simply out of our reach. Maybe someday I would find someone who would love me as much as I love him. In the meantime, there's always work :P

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Lazy vs tired

Feeling exhausted. keep conking out today. And I feel better after a date with the loo. Sorry, but it's the truth. Sometimes there's some toxic stuff in your system and you feel so much better after flushing it out. 

Forgot to pick up my race kit from the venue, hope I can persuade them to keep it for me... 

Have packed, but need to sort out papers and work on presentation. Leaving early tomorrow. Am feeling so left behind.... Ouch. Can I upgrade my brain, please?