Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Taking Bambi was a major mistake. She was halfway all right with me yesterday, then Trina had to sneak in and scared her again. I fished her from under the bed and she almost fell out the window trying to hide. Then she zoomed off into the fucking storeroom, being attacked from all sides along the way. I really need to rehome her lar... The others were growling at her this morning. Sorry babe, can't reach you in between the box towers. It's a fight or flight situation. Couldn't even see them in the dimly lit store, so all the best to you Bambi. Gotta grow a backbone or you'll forever be a mouse.

Friday, February 10, 2012

SIlly Kitty - Continued

Yesterday I let the kitten come out of her cage. As expected she his under the bed. But then she started freaking out when I was carrying her to the cage at night... And it just got worse and worse!! She ran all over the place, bit and scratched and climbed the window and peed all over my table.... Aigoo... That cat ah....

In the end, I cornered her under the desk and talked to her nicely, stroked her, and she was docile enough to be guided into her cage.... Seriously, this cat is so messed up!! I gave her food and stroked her and talked to her in the cage, and eventually she was OK enough to be pilled and given her meds. She didn't even put up a fight. Thank goodness for that!!

She might be afraid of the penyapu, so won't use that again. But she seemed scared to be out in the open, so maybe she'll need to be caged the rest of her life... Funny. the other brats would wail non-stop if they were caged up for any period of time!! Maybe I can get her one of those big cages with a landing so she'll be more comfortable... Problem is, I don't really have the space, do I?

On another note, I dreamt about you know who... He was living in a kampung, married with a pregnant wife. There were other girls too, presumably renters. Mummy dearest - not so sure. For some reason I ended up in the area because of a problem with the bike and bumped into him. My car (strangely) was somewhere nearby and I needed a ride there. But for some strange reason we ended up in a swanky new shopping mall!! We were 'dating', hugging, holding hands and all, but I was feeling uneasy because he had a pregnant wife at home! In the end, I went off to find Anaz, who was hanging out there, and lost him. Then I lost Anaz too. Seriously, maybe I've been reading too many FB updates or watching too many Korean dramas because it totally didn't make any sense. But then, it was a dream. Since when did dreams make any sense?? :P

Monday, February 06, 2012

Drama Kucing

Hari tu si pengecut tu panik, lari keluar tingkap, duduk kat atas ledge 2 hari. Call Bomba, takut dia jatuh nak pujuk dia masuk dulu. Tau2, some stupid woman pergi call bomba suruh rescue. Stupid bitch tak tau hujung pangkal lagi nak busybody. I baru pergi gym, bomba datang. K Ayu yg kena deal dengan diorang. Dia gigit jari bomba tu, terus terlepas jatuh sampai awning ground floor. Pastu dah injured, aku jugak yang bawak pergi vet, bayar lebih seratus, pastu dok jaga dia kasi makan semua. Yang menyibuk tu cuci tangan aje. Babi betul!!

Yang aku ni hari baru nak baik demam. Dah sibuk dengan kucing semua, lambat la nak sembuh. Lagi nak prepare untuk SPMM satu benda haram tak buat lagi. Copier pun baru aje beli. Concept papers belum buat. Presentation papers belum compile. Copying semua esok buat ramai2. Tapi nak kena plan jugak... tension!!