Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Oza's "I Don't Really Care" Chocolate Pudding


Leftover chocolate cake
Leftover chocolate icing
Milk/ milky stuff
Cocoa powder
Corn flour

Not in the mood to measure ingredients, I decided to cook ala chef Michael Smith - without a recipe. Like, our beloved ancestors have been cooking by the seat of their pants since forever, right? So why bother with measurements now? Just play by ear. How wrong can you get??

So, started by breaking up week-old cake and scattering it around a flan pan. Then nuked leftover icing to soften it to a gooey consistency. Proceeded to make some kind of milk with underutilised protein powder and underutilised milk powder. Warm it up. Beat an egg with vanilla. Maybe 2 would have been better. Diluted half a cup of corn flour and cocoa powder with water. Throw in egg into warm 'milk', whisk it up. Bunged in sugar. One cup, more or less. Next, addded corn flour mix and whisked. It was quite runny at first. Was starting to dilute more starch when the pudding started to thicken up - too quickly!!! Managed to keep it under control and soon had it off the flame. Scraped in leftover icing from the bowl and mixed everything up. Spread it all over leftover cake and left pudding to cool. It might taste blah in the beginning, but worry not. It gets better once it has a chance to cool down.

So... gotta go shower. Gate crashing a party tonight. Wink!