Wednesday, September 07, 2011


Since the Petknode debacle broke out, I had a hard time staying away from related posts. So kesian the cats and owners, nasib baik ramai fosterers yg tolong jaga the cats sampai the owners jumpa. I can't help much pasal 1) my 3 brats would definitely protest and 2) Money is depleted due to Raya expenses + road tax etc.

Some people yg tak berperasaan fikir they're only cats, but we know better, don't we? My 3 brats are like children, nasib baik I bawak diorang balik kg hari tu. Itu pun kesian jugak esp for Trina yg for some reason fobia  nak tinggalkan rumah. I know she would wail non-stop if I tried to board her anywhere, ditto for Leo. Kesian Leo masa pergi  nampak stress sangat dalam kereta. Michelle jugak yg steady.

Dah sampai kampung, Leo actually 'adopted' Mak Ngah's house and chased away another 'trespassing' male... 5 pagi kena pergi cari dia kat semak n bawak balik, okay... Michelle ok jer, Trina menyorok bawah/dalam almari for the whole 3 days. At one point she came out to eat, but Mak Ngah yg dah kurang ingat sikit mistook her for the stray cat that was supposed to stay outdoors and shooed her. Langsung dia tak keluar lagi dah lepas tu!!

I guess they knew we were going home on Thursday because all of them were really quiet on the drive home. All of them looked so happy to be back afterwards, just like us who sometimes 'tak kerasan' duduk rumah org lain :-)

Anyway, I hope those 2 bastards get properly screwed for their actions, and that all the missing cats are reunited with their owners. We have to ensure everyone knows such behaviour is unacceptable and will not be tolerated.