Sunday, August 06, 2017

Pushing ahead

It's another slow weekend, but I did get SOME things done. Right now, I'm contemplating whether I should send the car for washing because it looks like it will rain this afternoon. On the other hand, the poor machine has not been cleaned for too long...

I was supposed to go to the gym yesterday, but again, I dithered and didn't go. Cannibalised the old laptop and took out the hard drive. Did I mention that my dear sister damaged the thing last year and neglected to inform me. So what the hell was she doing on it so often then? A portion of the screen dah rosak and the whole thing bergegar-gegar, meaning the connection is shot. I put it on the external monitor and it worked fine, but the whole machine is just outdated. No point upgrading so just let it die in peace la.

Kak Ayu's bike had a flat and she came home with me Friday night, so I had to send her to work in the morning. Then went to service the car. Had to fill up petrol on the way. Failed to turn into the Shell near KD entrance so went to the other one near Pusrawi. As I headed towards Taman Tun, saw another Shell at the McDonalds. Duh!! Even if I missed that, there's another one near Tropicana Medical Centre. Right. Lesson learned. Thank you.

Went to Chia tayar hoping for a quick and cheap service. Ended up paying almost RM350 for semi-synthetic oil and auto-transmission fluid. Ouch! But car is driving super smoothly now. Nice!! Had a chat with a nice lady whose Camry was on the blitz. I actually thought her car was an ancient Saga the guys were working on. Oops! Silly Oza.

Went to the Tesco Mutiara Money changer to send the Pendar Pagi money. They have Merchantrade but apparently it's only for personal transactions. Yet they want my company name and income level. A bit weird right? But the place offers good rates so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Finally sent the money to Menny's account. Just praying that she will transfer the money to the organisation without delay. Had a lot of trouble trying to transfer it on Friday. Stress I sampai the bank teller almost got yelled at for asking why I tak ambik dekat machine. Dah la I kelam kabut nak transfer tak boleh, nak keluarkan from the original account tak boleh, nak transfer to savings kena 2 kali baru lepas. Tak sempat nak kejar Mul dah nak pergi airport... And I know kalau nak draw from ATM I have a RM1000 limit. I was literally seeing red when he asked that. I just told him to "just do it now". Jeez. I do speak English when I'm very irritated.

Sat for a drink dekat Old Town and got mad because the drink was probably about 30% of the whole glass. the rest of it was ICE. I barely got a few sips before the whole thing finished. Like seriously, you charged me RM3.40 for a few sips of coffee??? Old Town ni nak kena ban ni. Dah la i memang tak suka Old Town... Food is horrible and it keeps getting worse.

Anyway, once I got the money thing sorted, went upstairs to buy a couple of things and validate my parking. Lesson learnt earlier: don't park at TESCO if you don't spend there. MAHAL. Stopped by Mr DIY and found the exact pot I had ordered on 11 Street. Checked and saw it was SC approved etc. I hope it's legit!! Bought it there because I had received a message saying my order was cancelled the previous morning. Like WHY??? Tried the pot and it worked fine. It shuts off and restarts automatically according to the set temperature. Steamed eggs turned out well. Can't really cook with it, but it should be fine for soups and Maggi mee. Today checked my emails and it turned out the cancellation was for an incomplete transaction. Oops. Signed in to 11 Street and saw that they had not yet prepared the order, so I cancelled the purchase. Hope no complications there. I don't want to end up with 2 pots.

Stopped by the office to stick a tile in the "hole" under my chair and tape the mounting board over it. I hope it helps so that being in the office can be a little less annoying. Bosses are back from Sabah Sarawak, lucky didn't bump into my boss kecik. Quickly screwed in the bag hanger dalam surau, although I realised too late that I should have brought the longer screws. Vacuumed a bit and left.

Stopped by A-One to buy and external drive cover and went home. Had a late lunch at Arafah before going home for solat and a rest. Missed the gym again because I did a jigsaw puzzle and had to go rescue Kak Ayu since she didn't have enough cash to pay for her new tyre. And she won't go to 7-11 ATM because it jammed previously. Honestly. Can't you just TRY AGAIN???

Went to the pasar malam to buy a few things and went home. She JUST ARRIVED. Like, really??? How long does it take to cycle less than a kilometre home? I seriously wonder if she went to meet someone instead of going straight home. Fuck it la, I couldn't care less if she has a boyfriend. Just get married and get out of my house please. *silap2 aku yang kena pindah :P LOL

I did get worried looking at her shuffle up the stairs. Macam tak larat sangat. She knows her blood sugar is damn high but she keeps eating junk all the time. Penat la bela baby macam ni. I want to migrate. Seriously.

Had the leftover lodeh with sambal and nasi impit. Miraculously still edible although it might be on the suspicious side. Have not checked the other container. If it's spoilt, will have to dump the whole container. Sayang, but what to do? There's only so much I can eat.

I had scanned the hard drive and found lots of issues on it. Deleted extra files and moved my files to the net book. Scanned, cleaned and moved K Ayu's files and reformatted the 2 drives. So now I have a second clean external drive. I want to put my documents there and keep photos in the StoreJet.

Graham should have arrived by now but I'm guessing he's jet-lagged and fast asleep. I look forward to our durian date. Haha... kesian Pakcik dah 6 tahun x makan durian.

Have washed 2 loads of laundry and I need to hand wash a few items. Load no 2 is done and needs to go into the dryer. Load No 1 needs to be folded and put away. I need a shower and perform dzuhr prayers! I'm really tempted to go to the gym and hang out in the sauna now. It would be nice to have a warm shower with too much water instead of the low flow shower I have at home. I should exercise, of course, but right now, the sauna feels like the better option.

Of course I have not vacuumed, ironed or cleaned the kitchen, but hell, who the fuck cares? I'm tired too.

I put the netbook in the study so that I will have space for the work laptop, and subsequently, will do some work instead of fooling around all day and night. I have no idea if it will work, but hey, at least I switched the damn office laptop on already...

OK. Have to go now. There's a bunch of things I need to do, including getting insurance for my beloved  camera. Ciao!!

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