Sunday, July 30, 2017

Stay Home Weekend

It has been a pretty good weekend. I've stayed home for close to 48 hours, I think.

Had dinner and durian with Shamila on Friday night. Came home and fooled around on the computer for hours before going to bed late in the morning.

Saturday was spent lolling on the bed/ around the house. Well, not all the time. I did spend time making kimchi. Then I spent hours playing computer games. Instead of adding insurance to Graham's ticket, or looking up for accommodations in Busan... Made that egg spaghetti thingy for dinner, but again, I left the butter to heat up too long, so the eggs cooked as soon as I slid it into the pan. Sigh. Oh well, at least it's easy to make...

Today I woke up late again. Something is really wrong because despite eating/drinking less sugar and food in general, my blood sugar is still high and I still feel under the weather. Thankfully the sore throat and coughs have disappeared somehow, but sugar reading is still high :(

I have not gone to the gym this week, and my fat cells have balooned again. I am positively OBESE these days! Ugh.

Tomorrow is potluck day, and I feel like making some brownies. And coffee cookies. Have not made any for years! Butter is already out, so better start on it soon.

Made some "rendang" and cheat pulut kuning this morning, so meals were settled for the whole day. Sayur = kimchi. It's a new trend since K Ayu eats at the shop (she insists on calling it her "office". Heh). So I try to NOT buy so much food; because there's no one to eat them during weekdays. The other day I bought 3 ears of corn and I had to finish them over 5 days. No kidding. Sometimes I'm not around on weekends either. Right now I just need to get some more eggs, garlic and vegetables. And pick up my dry cleaning. IF the shop is open. I should take down the trash and walk a bit anyway... 

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